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Title Card - Scrapper (2023)

A cunning 12-year-old, living on her own, meets her father finally, but only after her mother dies.

General Information

Director(s) Charlotte Regan
Screenplay By Charlotte Regan
Based On N/A
Date Released (In Theaters) August 25, 2023
Genre(s) Comedy, Drama
Film Length 1 Hour 24 Minutes
Content Rating Not Rated
Noted Characters and Cast
Georgie Lola Campbell
Ali Alin Uzun
Jason Harris Dickinson

What Is “Scrapper” Rated And Why?

“Scrapper” is Not Rated and contains:

  • Dialog: Some cursing
  • Violence: Georgie fighting a girl
  • Sexual Content: None
  • Miscellaneous: Smoking

Film Summary

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It isn’t clear how long it has been since Georgie’s mom died, but through stealing and selling bikes with her best friend Ali, she has made the rent and still seems to have all the utilities on and basic food in the house. However, with social services checking in on her, it was only a matter of time before the State would realize a 12-year-old was living alone, which was common knowledge within the neighborhood.

Enter Jason, Georgie’s estranged father, who, after many messages from Georgie’s mom, including while she was dying, finally shows up from Ibiza and inserts himself into Georgie’s life. Mind you, he is unwelcomed, as he is a stranger, and Georgie is used to being hyper-independent. However, in time, it seems the scrappy young lady might be willing to warm up to this man who has only been her father via her birth certificate.

Character Descriptions

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Georgie (Lola Campbell) reacting to Jason's kind gesture
“Georgie (Lola Campbell) reacting to Jason’s kind gesture,” Scrapper, directed by Charlotte Regan, 2023, (Kino Lorber)

At 12 years old, Georgie is probably more independent and clean than most. Note, she doesn’t change all that much from her sports jersey, but in terms of her home? Spotless. But, while Georgie has some good qualities, she has made quite a bit of enemies over time, which makes it so, after her mom dies, the only friend she has is Ali, and everyone else, at best, tolerates Georgie – partly due to feeling sorry for her.


Ali (Alin Uzun) and Georgie (Lola Campbell) wondering what has Jason been doing for the last 12 years
“Ali (Alin Uzun) and Georgie (Lola Campbell) wondering what has Jason been doing for the last 12 years,” Scrapper, directed by Charlotte Regan, 2023, (Kino Lorber)

Ali is Georgie’s best friend who, usually on an annual basis, she has a falling out with. However, with him being her lookout when she steals bikes, he has become an essential part of what allows her to not end up in the foster care system, as he helps her make money.


Jason (Harris Dickinson) meeting Georgie after a decade plus absence
“Jason (Harris Dickinson) meeting Georgie after a decade plus absence,” Scrapper, directed by Charlotte Regan, 2023, (Kino Lorber)

Jason is Georgie’s dad, who has, apparently, been living in Ibiza all this time after he and Georgie’s mom fell out.


Our Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)


How The Relationship Naturally Evolves

As you can imagine, a girl raised in a single-parent home, with her only friend being a local boy, isn’t going to quickly open up to some man her mom barely talked about. Georgie, who is very much trying to keep up what her mother taught her, has figured out a way to survive on her own, keep a tidy house, and pay bills. With that in mind, what does she need Jason for? She is already a little adult.

But that is what makes her lowering her walls all the more cute to see. For often, when you see girls and their fathers, either they are latched onto them, or they don’t meet and really get to know them until their adult years. So for Jason to come at that sweet spot between Georgie being a kid who is more amiable to forgiveness and the teen years where it’s middle fingers up to authority, allows for one of the most beautiful transitions.

And note, Jason makes an effort. He isn’t rich or well off, so he isn’t pulling out major things, but between showing where he grew up, a bracelet, and giving Georgie space to talk about her mom as she knew her, you can see the kind of effort which makes sense because of who Jason is. This makes it so, as he proves himself to be consistent, and Georgie allows herself to be vulnerable and let Jason fight one of her battles, it pulls at your heartstrings since you know it has likely been a long time since Georgie trusted someone enough to handle things on her behalf.

It’s Comical

With that said, this isn’t a drama focused on a child grieving and pushing down their emotions, for they have to focus on survival. That is an element of the film, but it is also very much a comedy. Between the pre-teen conversations between Ali and Georgie, the various times the movie goes into a dream or “What if?” scenarios, combined with Georgie and Jason’s banter as they become accustomed to each other? Never mind learning their humor meshes well enough that they can play games like using strangers as inspiration to come up with dramatic conversations? You may not laugh to the point of having pain similar to bronchitis, but you will chuckle and giggle.

On The Fence

It Establishes Community, Enough To Know Who Is Who, But Most Are Barely Defined

From Ali’s mom, the different friend groups Georgie could never be part of, and others, it is thoroughly established Georgie lives in a working-class neighborhood, and, in some ways, that tells you more about her than is verbalized. Yet, there are times I wish we got to know more about these people.

For example, the woman who Georgie sells bikes to, what’s their story? Why do they have a bike shop in their garage and accept what they know are stolen goods? Ali’s mom – what’s her story? Is she a single parent because the way Ali latches onto Jason makes that seem possible? Also, if it seems many, if not most, know Georgie lives alone, why don’t they do more?

I wouldn’t say any of these questions are pressing, but they are lingering thoughts.

Sometimes Wishing You Knew More About Jason

Jason working in Ibiza and living with friends is his backstory for what happened over the last 12 years, but how he delivers this almost sounds like a lie. Granted, a lie he never reveals isn’t the truth, but there is just something about him hopping a fence, saying he is Georgie’s dad (with a voicemail to prove it), and settling in that sometimes seems weird and feels like we’re missing details.


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Answers to some questions you may have regarding this movie:

The Reason The Movie Is Named “Scrapper”

Either because Georgie is a scrappy lass or her job is to get bikes, which usually become scrap parts.

Does “Scrapper” Setup A Sequel or Prequel?

No, unless you count the potential of seeing Georgie grow up and how Jason deals with her dating, getting a job, and other life experiences.

Does “Scrapper” Have A Mid-Credit or End Credit Scene?


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Scrapper (2023) – Overview


“Scrapper” delivers a cute portrayal of a relationship between a father and daughter as trust is earned and love is gained, and despite the time and experiences missed out on, you can see both sides looking forward to what memories can be made in the future.

  • How The Relationship Naturally Evolves - 84.5%
  • It’s Comical - 83%
  • It Establishes Community, Enough To Know Who Is Who, But Most Are Barely Defined - 77%
  • Sometimes Wishing You Knew More About Jason - 75%
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  • It’s Comical
  • How The Relationship Naturally Evolves


  • Sometimes Wishing You Knew More About Jason
  • It Establishes Community, Enough To Know Who Is Who, But Most Are Barely Defined

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