One Night Stay (2024) – Movie Review

“One Night Stay” is a thriller that doesn’t know how to end, so it delivers something quick and shoddy.

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Title Card - One Night Stay (2024)

Plot Summary

Since Marcus’ injury, his relationship and marriage to Malia hasn’t been the same. He gambles all the time and doesn’t even attempt to start a new career for himself, all the while, Malia is out there working, traveling, doing what it takes so they can maintain their lifestyle and keep their multi-million dollar home.

But, despite Marcus not doing much, such as ensuring the security system is set up or helping Malia close deals by being a good partner at networking events, she sticks beside him. That is until there are signs Marcus might be cheating on her, though what she doesn’t know is there is something far more devious going on than a simple affair.

Content Information

  • Dialog: Cursing (Throughout)
  • Violence: Blood, Weapon Violence (Type: Knife), Depiction of Murder
  • Sexual Content: Sexual Situations (Implied)
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking

General Information


Rick S. Mordecon

Screenplay By

Curtis Cardwell

Based On Work By


Date Released

January 4, 2024

How To Watch

BET Plus




Film Length

1 Hour 20 Minutes

Content Rating

Rated TV-MA

Noted Characters and Cast


Stephen Bishop


LeToya Luckett


Iyana Halley

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.

Marcus (Stephen Bishop)

Marcus, at one time, was going to become a pro athlete. However, after an injury, with the help of Malia, he tried to pivot towards being an entrepreneur. But with every failure, he lost confidence, to the point that he is now just a kept man who likes to gamble.

Malia (LeToya Luckett)

Malia (LeToya Luckett)
Malia (LeToya Luckett)

A multi-millionaire who often travels for work, Malia is trying to work with the new dynamic of her relationship, where she is the breadwinner. But, with Marcus not even doing his part and making sure the house is in order, she is unsure if her love for the man she knew can keep her relationship with the man in her house alive.

Jessica (Iyana Halley)

From what it appears, 23-year-old Jessica was just a young thing, recognizing Marcus had money, and she thought he could become a sugar daddy. But as it becomes clear she was the one who was played, not her, we start to learn she may have a long game at play.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Angel.”


Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

Our Rating: Negative (Acquired Taste)

Low Points

It Meanders For Most Of The Movie To A Rushed And Dissatisfactory Ending

Jessica (Iyana Halley)
Jessica (Iyana Halley)

One of the many problems of “One Night Stay” is that it not only lacks a hook and gives you very little reason to invest in its characters, but then its villain and the grand twist at the end are terrible. For most of the movie, we watch Jessica hide throughout Malia’s mansion, waiting for her to do something noteworthy, yet she is just this weird, almost comical at times, shadow.

So when the ending happens, and it is revealed why she did all of this? It’s hard not to sigh and roll your eyes, and then when the film decides to double down and have an additional twist? It almost makes it seem like there is a desperation to get people talking about this film, whether it is good or bad, because it could lead to some curious viewers.

Ultimately, this pushes the idea that those behind “One Night Stay” are more worried about the quantity of viewership than the quality of responses about the film or the reputations of anyone involved.

On The Fence

It’s Depiction Of An Insecure Man

Marcus (Stephen Bishop)
Marcus (Stephen Bishop)

To me, more could have been done with Marcus. It’s clear his injury put a pause on his life, and via Malia noting he had failed business ventures, it seemed like he tried to pivot and failed multiple times. Add in he is starting to settle into his glory days being behind him, and you can see Marcus has become a shell of a man.

But rather than build off of that and make Marcus complicated, the film makes it clear from the jump he is a cheater to bolster himself, and that clips the film at the needs from the get-go. For now, you have no reason to be invested in this marriage or Marcus, and while Malia isn’t making things worse, if anything, she is trying to salvage her marriage and you aren’t given a reason why to wish her any success.

Additionally, Malia as a character isn’t developed much beyond who she is with or used to be, even though she is clearly the successful one, and it makes it even a challenge to take an interest in her. While we know she travels a lot and makes a lot of money, you’re not pushed to see her as a badass in her field. If anything, it is just used as fodder to develop Marcus further and present his reasoning behind being a trash husband.

Good If You Like

  • Watching marriages fall apart


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One Night Stay (2024) – Review


Unfortunately, “One Night Stay” is the type of film that lacks a hook, lacks a notable ending, and seemingly was hoping its twists at the end could save it, even though they are thin and lack the type of build required to justify, or even reward, those who stuck by the film.

  • It’s Depiction Of An Insecure Man - 73%
  • It Meanders For Most Of The Movie To A Rushed And Dissatisfactory Ending - 62%


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  • It’s Depiction Of An Insecure Man
  • It Meanders For Most Of The Movie To A Rushed And Dissatisfactory Ending

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