While Robyn and Aunt Vi face off with Miles regarding Delilah’s custody, Harry finds himself facing his past, including his sordid history with his mother.

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While Robyn and Aunt Vi face off with Miles regarding Delilah’s custody, Harry finds himself facing his past, including his sordid history with his mother.

Aired (CBS) March 12, 2023
Director(s) Chris Fisher
Writer(s) Ora Yashar, Adam Glass
Newly Noted Characters
Rabbi Richard Masur
Previously Noted Characters
Miles Stephen Bishop
Aunt Vi Lorraine Toussaint
Delilah Laya DeLeon Hayes
Mel Liza Lapira
Harry Adam Goldberg
Robyn Queen Latifah


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You Don’t Want This Battle You’re Proposing – Miles, Robyn, Aunt Vi, Delilah

Miles threatening a custody battle is not something Robyn wants. She is even willing to stop being an Equalizer to end this custody battle. Mind you, she has something on Miles that could make him stop since he treated a terrorist while he was a doctor overseas. But she doesn’t want to use that against him.

However, Aunt Vi isn’t above threatening to expose him. Which, lucky for her, Delilah doesn’t learn about, for she was already upset her parents were pushing her to choose between them. So imagine how she would feel if she learned her aunt forced her father’s hand to back down.

A Past That Has Mostly Remained Untouched – Harry, Mel, Rabbi

Harry hasn’t spoken much of his past beyond being caught hacking and his relationship with Mel. In “Never Again,” things are less about his relationship or what he contributes to Robyn’s organization and more directly about him. This includes learning about him believing his mom abandoned him and his complicated feelings regarding being Jewish.

Richard Masur as Rabbi
“Richard Masur as Rabbi,” The Equalizer, “Never Again,” directed by Chris Fisher, 2023, (CBS)

The local Rabbi, who knew Harry and Harry’s family, picks away at these issues. He helps Harry understand and learn that his mom was mentally ill when people didn’t discuss depression and other illnesses like that. Hence her lack of fighting for custody when his parents divorced. Also, the abandonment was because she didn’t want Harry to know why she struggled due to internalized shame.

This information opens Harry’s eyes to the truth, and while he doesn’t come to the point of going to temple or calling himself religious, there is no doubt that he does feel closer to the part of himself he has shied away from.

Armed Men With Weak Minds And Tech – Harry, Mel, Rabbi, Robyn

Focusing on the week’s case, the issue is that the local Jewish population of Midwood, in Brooklyn, keeps getting attacked. Naturally, Robyn is called in, but with being distracted by her custody situation, Harry and Mel take the lead. This leads to them learning about a local neo-Nazi group and having to do some detective work, and hacking, to prevent what would have been a terrorist attack. One that, if it wasn’t for Harry hacking into the Rabbi’s hearing aid, could have led to a massacre.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What’s Harry’s dad doing? Assuming he is still alive? Will we get a chance to meet him?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Probably not seeing Miles until next season, if that.


Notable Performances or Moments

Harry’s Time In The Sun

What we appreciate about this half of “The Equalizer” is that it is now firmly established who Robyn is, that Queen Latifah is a major hook, and now it is touching on others who having reached her level of prominence. We got to meet Mel’s family and see Liza Lapira show her star power, and in this episode, Adam Goldberg got to show his.

I can only hope, as we head into season 4, the show continues to pursue being an ensemble vs. putting all of its weight on Queen Latifah for while we love Robyn, this show isn’t going to last forever. So building up the resumes of the supporting acts is a boon for everyone involved.

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Adam Goldberg as Harry
The Equalizer: Season 3/ Episode 11 “Never Again” – Recap/ Review
Adam Goldberg is given the reins to the show, and as Liza Lapira did before him, we’re reminded, as much as Queen Latifah is put front and center, this show has all the potential of being an ensemble, with the weight of it all not resting on her shoulders.
Harry’s Time In The Sun

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