The great talent and interesting concept in “Natty Knocks” can’t create the chills and jumps needed for this to be a memorable scary movie.

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General Information

Director(s) Dwight H. Little
Screenplay By Benjamin Olson
Based On N/A
Date Released (Video On Demand) July 21, 2023
Genre(s) Horror
Film Length 1 Hour, 34  Minutes
Content Rating Not Rated
Noted Characters and Cast
Wyatt Henderson Thomas Robie
Jolie Henderson Channah Zeitung
Robby Noen Perez
Britt Charlotte Fountain-Jardim
Abner Honeywell Bill Moseley

What Is “Natty Knocks” Rated And Why?

“Natty Knocks” is Rated R due to strong profanity, violence, and a few sex scenes. 

Film Summary

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“Natty Knocks” is a low-budget horror film that features plenty of horror icons (Bill Moseley, Danielle Harris, and Robert Englund) in supporting roles and a classic horror director, Dwight H. Little, behind the camera. “Natty Knocks” even has an intriguing premise about a local urban legend used to scare children and a ghoulish setting on Halloween. Unfortunately, the great talent and interesting concept in “Natty Knocks” can’t create the chills and jumps needed for this to be a memorable scary movie.


“Natty Knocks” follows babysitter Britt (Charlotte Fountain-Jardim) and the two kids she’s watching, Wyatt and Jolie (Channah Zeitung), a few days before Halloween. Wyatt (Thomas Robie) and Jolie’s parents are divorcing, and when Wyatt’s phone loses service, he doesn’t want to ask his parents for money. His best friend Robby (Noen Perez) suggests that the two steal copper wire and sell it in order to make money for Wyatt’s phone service.

As the two attempt to pull a prank on a house, they accidentally stumble upon seeing a man murder a woman inside the house. Wyatt and Robby make a run for it, but the mysterious and dangerous man (Bill Moseley) watches them run away. The kids are torn about whether they should go to the police, but the more Wyatt learns about his small town, the more he fears anyone in authority. The kids realize that if they want to stop the man from harming them, they must take the fight into their own hands.

Screenshot 2023 07 24 at 6.10.30 PM
Thomas Robbie as Wyatt Henderson in “Natty Knocks”

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Dwight H. Little directed “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.” The plot synopsis of “Natty Knocks” describes a babysitter who has to protect kids from a serial killer on the eve of Halloween, almost verbatim to the plot of “Halloween.”

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.

Wyatt Henderson

Wyatt is a young teenager who feels like he can only depend on himself during his parents’ divorce. After his father leaves his house, Wyatt wants to prove that he can pay for his phone and handle emergencies without adult interference.

Jolie Henderson

Jolie is Wyatt’s younger sister. She’s often cautious of her brother’s schemes to make money but also doesn’t want to be left out. 


Britt is Wyatt and Jolie’s babysitter. She’s a trustworthy and comforting figure for the kids who speaks candidly to them and treats them like equals. While Britt often makes the right choice, her weakness is her teen boyfriend, who wishes to have sex with her. 

Screenshot 2023 07 24 at 6.08.30 PM
Charlotte Fountain-Jardim as Britt, the kind and protective babysitter in “Natty Knocks”


Robby is Wyatt’s friend who is filled with bad ideas and a love for Britt. Robby may be a knucklehead, but he learns about Honeywell’s past before the others.

Abner Honeywell

Abner Honeywell is obsessed with deceased movie star Natty Knocks and will do anything to relive her classic movies. He has dedicated his time to finding young women perfect for the murderous part.


Our Rating: Negative (Acquired Taste)


An Energetic Score and Committed Cast

The music score features touches of Danny Elfman and the madness that’s about to occur. It sets the tone well for a Halloween movie. Horror veterans like Danielle Harris (the “Halloween” series) and Robert Englund (“Nightmare on Elm Street”) playing wise adults that offer advice to fresh faces adds a warming touch to the movie. The movie could have also used more of Charlotte Fountain-Jardim as Britt in a “final girl” role, as she plays a babysitter who actually cares about the kids.

Low Points

A Script Unsure of How Kids Talk

One of the more embarrassing aspects of “Natty Knocks” is hearing young teens like Wyatt and Robby talk to each other. But every other word is “fuck” or “shit” to express a thought or emotion as if someone substituted any creativity or funny line with profanity. The script could have used more input from the teens about how they would react in that situation.

Lack of Scares and Focus on What’s Scary

There’s a great scene when the viewer sees through the eyes of Abner Honeywell, and “Natty Knocks” takes on the grain of classic grindhouse and ‘70s movies. Yet the viewer spends so much time with Honeywell that he’s not registered as a frightening force. Early in the film, in the middle of a well-lit day scene, Robby jumps out at Wyatt on the street. The music signals we should jolt, yet “Natty Knocks” rarely builds up suspense to scare the audience.

natty knocks header 2.width 800
Bill Moseley as villain Abner Honeywell in “Natty Knocks”

On The Fence

A Third-Act Change to the Supernatural 

By the end, Honeywell is revealed as Natty’s father, who’s possessed by a demonic spirit. A black cloud emerges from his mouth after he is shot. “Natty Knocks” could have used more supernatural elements throughout the story to make the end feel more earned. With Britt further possessed by the end, the movie takes an interesting turn, but it feels like we’re watching the start of a different movie.


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Answers to some questions you may have regarding this episode:

Does “Natty Knocks” Setup A Sequel?

Like many horror films, “Natty Knocks” ends on an ambiguous note with Britt, the babysitter, now being possessed. The film can have a sequel, but it would most likely be drastically different in tone.

natty knocks cover scaled
Natty Knocks (2023) – Movie Review and Summary
"Natty Knocks" plays like a profanity-filled Goosebumps episode, yet the horror movie seems to zig and zag about what the actual horror is. The cover of the film has little to do with the synopsis of the film, and the synopsis has little to do with what’s actually in the movie. By making the movie about a serial killer/stalker obsessed with the late movie star Natty Knocks, we see too much of Abner Honeywell to ever be scared of him, and the late pivot to a supernatural element feels silly and forced to potentially make a sequel. Bill Moseley and Charlotte Fountain-Jardim sell the hell out of their roles, but their spark is stomped out by an unfocused story.
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An Energetic Score and Committed Cast
A Script Unsure of How Kids Talk
Lack of Scares and Focus on What’s Scary
A Third-Act Change to the Supernatural 

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