Title Card - Mother’s Day (2023)
"Title Card," Mother’s Day, directed by Mateusz Rakowicz, 2023, (Netflix)

While “Mother’s Day” has a big personality character and decent action scenes, it lacks the emotion, adventure, or drive necessary to keep it from becoming background noise.

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While “Mother’s Day” has a big personality character and decent action scenes, it lacks the emotion, adventure, or drive necessary to keep it from becoming background noise.

Director(s) Mateusz Rakowicz
Screenplay By Lukasz M. Maciejewski, Mateusz Rakowicz
Based On N/A
Date Released (Netflix) May 24, 2023
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Crime, Non-English (Polish)
Film Length 94 Minutes
Content Rating Rated TV-MA
Noted Characters and Cast
Nina Agnieszka Grochowska
Maz Adrian Delikta
Volto Szymon Wróblewski

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Film Summary

Title Card - Mother’s Day (2023)
“Title Card,” Mother’s Day, directed by Mateusz Rakowicz, 2023, (Netflix)

Nina is a spy who faked her death due to a third party hunting down her team, including her significant other. Due to having faked her death, she had to give up her son, Max. But, with the man whose brother she killed while an operative learning of Max’s existence, he aims to take a life for a life. Thus, Nina came out of hiding to save the kid who didn’t know she was alive.

Things To Note

Why Is “Mother’s Day” Rated TV-MA

  • Dialog: Throughout
  • Violence: Blood, light gore, gun violence, and torture
  • Sexual Content: Nudity and depiction of an orgy (though nothing explicitly notable)
  • Miscellaneous: Smoking and drinking

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.


Nina has been in hiding for nearly as long as her son has been alive after it became clear that, if she remained an active operative for the government, she would be killed, just as her partner did. However, while she had to give her son up for adoption, she kept tabs on him, both in person and stalking him online. This is why, when he is kidnapped, she is able to act fast.


Max recently turned 17 and has lived and loved his adoptive parents all his life. This makes him suddenly getting kidnapped because of a woman he doesn’t know, who provides minimal information about the family he was born into, a lot to process – alongside all the violence and bullets flying.


Volto, Woltomierz, and a few other names, is what an up-and-coming crazy gangster goes by. His claim to fame is using electricity to fight and kill people and keeping and talking to his decapitated father’s head. Oh, and having orgies in his home.


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)


The Action Scenes

When Nina fights someone, there is a mix of style, realism, and notable moments. Her training shows she can handle herself as she takes on multiple people. However, she isn’t made into some “Rambo” type who can be shot, hit at the knees, and move like nothing happened. She gets overwhelmed, makes mistakes, but when she makes a comeback or gets to make the first move, she is a beast.

Now, are there a lot of flinch-worthy moments or those which will leave your mouth gaping? No. But they do exist, and having some is better than none.


Volto is a memorable character. Mind you, most are not since they are either dry like Nina or lack a certain oomph. Volto, however, between keeping his father’s head in a jar, think “Futurama,” to his tattoos, his weapons made to shock people, and just a big-time personality, he is the most notable character in the film, and while villains are touch and go, Volto leaves a lasting impression.

On The Fence

Very Little Is Presented To Make You Genuinely Care

The biggest issue with “Mother’s Day” is that it doesn’t present anything to make you care. Nina, your whole investment in her is supposed to be because she is a mom trying to save her son. That’s understood, but with learning nothing about Nina beyond her being a former soldier whose lover died? It’s hard to get into her character.

The same can be said for Max, who isn’t more than a teenager. Add in the majority of the villains pale in comparison to Volto and don’t make their presence known enough to remember their name?

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Questions Answered

Why Is the Film Called “Mother’s Day”

Solely because it begins on Mother’s Day, otherwise, it has little to no connection to the holiday.

How Was The Twist(s) and Ending?

Both were weak, and the film sets up a sequel you likely didn’t ask for.

Title Card - Mother’s Day (2023)
Mother’s Day (2023) – Movie Review and Summary (with Spoilers)
“Mother’s Day,” if you just like watching people fight, particularly a woman kick ass, then it is a decent film. But if you want an engaging story? Oh, this isn’t what you’re looking for.
The Action Scenes
Very Little Is Presented To Make You Genuinely Care
The Ending

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