Jinn – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Jinn Ending (Spoilers)

An explanation of what Jinn means.

How Does The Movie End For Summer

Summer gets into CalArts and, despite what his mother might have said, her relationship with Tahir recovers. Also, her relationship with Jade recovers and while she may live with her dad for a bit, at the very least the strife between them has dissipated.

How Does The Movie End For Jade

After the Imam embarrassed her daughter so publicly, Jade has a bit of a crisis of faith. However, with an article being written praising her living her faith out loud and her recognizing her faith isn’t based on that Imam, she just finds a new mosque.

How Does The Movie End For Tahir

With explaining his mom simply didn’t want to deal with her son burdened with a child before college, it seems all is forgiven between him and Summer. Though it isn’t made clear what may happen between the two after graduation. Much less, even taking note they had sex, whether they are dating, still checking each other out, or what?

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