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Title Card for movie Jinn.

Jinn – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

Jinn gives us a rare kind of coming of age tale which is driven to greatness thanks to the writing of Nijla Mu’Min and performance of Zoe Renee.
Micah and his friends as they vandalize the plantation.

Queen Sugar: Season 3/ Episode 9 “The Tree and the Stone Were One” –...

Trust is a major focus as many become shocked by what is asked of them, whether understandable or just a Grade-A insult. Network OWN Director(s) Nijla Mu’min Writer(s) Kat Candler, Anthony Sparks Air Date 7/25/2018 Actors Introduced Frances Boudreaux Annalee Jefferies There’s No Turning Back: Charley, Jacob,...