Movies Indie DTF (2020) - Review/ Summary (with Spoilers)

DTF (2020) – Review/ Summary (with Spoilers)

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I want you to imagine a documentary in which the subject goes out of their way to go against everything agreed upon and is hellbent on chaos. That’s DTF.

Director(s)Al Bailey
Screenplay ByN/A
Date Released (Digital)9/15/2020
Genre(s)Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Documentary
Duration1 Hour 23 Minutes
RatingNot Rated
Noted Cast
HimselfAl Bailey

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This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Summary

Initially, the goal was to help the widowed “Christian” find love through Tinder. However, as his friend and the documentary director Al and him go from LA to Hong Kong and other cities, it becomes clear that isn’t “Christian’s” goal. Instead, he wants to get hammered, have sex with local girls, get on a plane, and repeat. Leaving you to wonder if Al can ever redirect “Christian” back to what the documentary was supposed to be about.

Character Guide


Al Bailey with a bunch of girls in Los Angeles.
Al Bailey

As of the documentary, a 39-year-old filmmaker who has long been “Christian’s” friend because he is fun and makes him laugh, however, as everyone will warn you, going into business with your friends will test the relationship, and oh does “Christian” test Al.


The man who goes under the name “Christian,” to protect his privacy, is a Scandinavian long-haul pilot. Someone who, after losing his wife to sickness, has seemingly become a functioning addict with many vices. Be it drugs, alcohol, and sex. Yet, with knowing the rules and where the line is, he hasn’t been caught. “Christian” always makes his flights and, thankfully, doesn’t have a reported incident.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  • For reasons I cannot explain or understand, the film isn’t consistent with blurring the faces of women Al gets on camera. We can only presume that, unless they explicitly said not to put them in, then they were blurred, which seems exploitative.



Christian Is The Type Who Inspires Films Like “The Hangover”

“Christian” is a wild boy. In fact, as Al says in the documentary, seeing his antics might make you think twice about flying, even with it largely being automated. For with the way this man parties, ask anyone who seems over 18 but less than 27 for sex, it’s hard not to feel a bit uncomfortable. I mean, “Christian” is peak toxic masculinity to the point you almost want to wonder how has Al been friends with this man for 15 years, at minimum, never mind why did the late Charlotte stay with “Christian?”

Because, let me tell you, as a viewer, you’ll find “Christian” hilarious to the point of thinking Al’s next movie should be an embellished version of him. However, as you see what “Christian” does to Al both as a subject and friend, eventually, things stop being funny. More so, it leaves you shocked and disgusted. Yet, wanting to know what “Christian” will do next and if Al will continue to put up with him just for the sake of the documentary – it makes you want to watch until the end.

On The Fence

It Makes You Want To Know More About “Christian” Before His Wife Died

Al Bailey and Christian from behind.
Al Bailey and Christian

Considering the film does point out that “Christian” has an addiction, maybe mental health issues, it does push you to wonder more about his backstory beyond him losing his wife. There is a need to learn how “Christian” was as a married man, how he was when dating Charlotte, and life before her. Never mind how he and Al became friends, since he is the one who introduced Charlotte to “Christian.” Which, considering how “Christian” is now, can you imagine any man with a female friend introducing them to “Christian” for romance?

So that whole missing element of who “Christian” was in the past, it seems like a huge omittance that leaves us just with this broken man who almost feels exploited at times. Even if he is the hugest ass**** no matter what city he is in.


Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

Often, documentaries can be difficult to watch unless you have an intense interest in the subject matter. Yet, “DTF,” which leans more towards reality entertainment than what is often associated with documentaries, is an exception. The madness and downfall of “Christian,” in “DTF” reminds you of why reality television exploded and has become a mainstay, and makes you wonder why the format hasn’t found more success outside of the comedy of Sacha Baron Cohen?

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Review Summary

The madness and downfall of "Christian," in "DTF" reminds you of why reality television exploded and has become a mainstay, and makes you wonder why the format hasn't found more success outside of the comedy of Sacha Baron Cohen?
Christian Is The Type Who Inspires Films Like "The Hangover"
88 %
It Makes You Want To Know More About "Christian" Before His Wife Died
77 %

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