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Noted are cast members, information about their character, notable events, organizations, and other details about the show.

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Noted are cast members, information about their character, notable events, organizations, and other details about the show.

Please Note: This content contains pertinent spoilers, descriptions are updated as new information is presented, images changed as better ones are captured, and this is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, guest star, or reoccurring role.

General Information

Network(s) HBO Max
Creator(s) Aaron Guzikowski
First Aired 9/3/2020

Groups & Organizations

  • Mithraic (1.1): The religion of those who opposed the Atheist and ended up winning a pyrrhic war on Earth
    • Cremation (1.3): Rather than burying the dead, the Mithraic believe in cremation.
    • Life After Death (1.4): While for other animals there isn’t life after death, it is believed there is for humans.
    • Order of Succession (1.5): The Mithraic are a theocracy so their line of succession was purely clerics, until their arrival on Kepler-22b.

Notable Episodes

  • We’ve Been Here How Long? (1.2): It is noted that Campion is 12, so they have been on Kepler-22b for 12 years. Making the year 2157.

Notable Locations & Items

  • Kepler-22b (1.1): The planet that humanity has migrated to and where most of the show takes place when not on Earth or The Ark
  • Boston, Earth (1.2): One of the few locations we see of Earth, back in 2145, before it was abandoned.
  • Ark of Heaven (1.3): The Ark members of the Mithraic we’ve met were on, which held 1000 people and took 13 years to get to Kepler-22b, with most of its passengers in a hibernation state.
  • Carbo (1.1): The food that grows on Kepler-22b
    • A Deadly Poison (1.3): It is discovered by Father that the pit of the vegetable is radioactive and the cause of sickness amongst the children.

Terms To Know

  • Sol (1.1): The God of the Mithraic
  • Necromancer (1.1/1.2): The beings, made by the Mithraic, that ended up destroying Earth with their piercing screeches that led to people combusting.
    • Reason For Creation (1.2): According to the Mithraic children, Necromancers were made so humans could stay pure, despite the acts of their android.
  • The Pentagonal Prophecy (1.3): A prophecy that states an orphan boy from an empty land will lead the people, the Mithraic, to the city of peace.

Campion (Winta McGrath)

Campion being confronted by Father.

Of those brought to Kepler-22b, Campion was the last to be born and became the last to survive. This perhaps makes him deserving of the name Campion, as it is likely that Mother and Father’s creator, who he was named after, was one of the last atheists to survive.

Additional Information About Campion

Quotes & Gifs

Mother (Amanda Collin)

Mother is a Necromancer android with programming that allows her to be a caretaker, who sometimes struggles with not being the perfect mother, despite her efforts.

Additional Information About Mother

  • Introduced In Season 1 Episode 1 “Raised by Wolves”
  • The Eyes (1.2): It seems Mother’s capabilities are dependent on her eyes, and it might be so for all robots like her.
  • A Whisper or Screech (1.4): While, in Necromancer mode, Mother’s screech can kill, she can also whisper and put someone to sleep

Quotes & Gifs

Belief in the unreal can comfort the human mind, but it also weakens it.
— Mother (1.1)

We will never advance unless you resist the urge to seek solace in fantasy.
— Mother (1.1)

“I never lost control, I just drew on a part of myself I didn’t know existed.”
— Mother (1.2)

You are a creator, whereas all I’ll ever be is a creation.
— Mother (1.4)

Father (Abubakar Salim)

Father (Abubakar Salim) looking at Mother.
Father (Abubakar Salim)

A generic service model who is tasked with providing a paternal role in the children’s lives, and tries to handle the delicate balance of supporting Mother while allowing the children he raises to question them and be curious.

Additional Information About Father

Quotes & Gifs

What did the male magnet say to the female magnet? When I saw your backside, I was repelled. However, after seeing you from the front, I now find you very attractive.
— Father (1.1)

“Never hesitate to question me, […] but you have to accept the answers I give and have faith that I will always do what is best for you.”
— Father (1.2)

Marcus (Travis Fimmel)

Marcus (Travis Fimmel) seeing the destruction of his ark.
Marcus (Travis Fimmel)

A captain in the Mithraic military who we learn is actually a man named Caleb who had plastic surgery to look like the original Marcus and killed him to escape Earth.

Additional Information About Marcus

Quotes & Gifs

Hunter (Ethan Hazzard)

Hunter (Ethan Hazzard) during dinner time.
Hunter (Ethan Hazzard)

With an IQ of 205, Hunter assumes the role of leadership after he and other children are kidnapped by Mother when she raids and stages a massacre on a Mithraic Ark holding approximately 1000 people.

Additional Information About Hunter

Quotes & Gifs

Tempest (Jordan Loughran)

Tempest (Jordan Loghran) sitting in the dark.
Tempest (Jordan Loghran)

The daughter of a soldier, Tempest is one of the first willing to renounce her faith, especially due to being raped and impregnated by a religious figure.

Additional Information About Tempest

Quotes & Gifs

Mary (Sienna Guillory)

Mary (Sienna Guillory) and Caleb talking to one another.
Mary (Sienna Guillory) and Caleb

Who the Sue we come to know originally was, back when Earth was livable, and she was in the medical profession.

Additional Information About Mary

Quotes & Gifs

Sue (Niamh Algar)

Sue (Niamh Algar) getting ready to kill the real Sue.
Sue (Niamh Algar)

Sue is Marcus’ partner, who Mary assumed the identity of.

Additional Information About Sue

  • Introduced In Season 1/ Episode 2 “Pentagram”
  • Can’t Have Children (1.9): It’s revealed that, for reasons not gone into too much detail, Sue can’t have children after a past incident.

Quotes & Gifs

When people don’t believe their luck, they have to make up a god to thank for it.
— Sue (1.9)

Paul (Felix Jamieson)

Paul (Felix Jamieson) talking to his fake parents.
Paul (Felix Jamieson)

The son of Mary and Marcus, who is none the wiser after Caleb and Sue take over their personas. Likely because they are far nicer than his actual parents.

Additional Information About Paul

Quotes & Gifs

Caleb (Jack Hawkins)

Who the Marcus we know once was before taking on the identity of another to survive.

Additional Information About Caleb

  • Introduced In Season 1/ Episode 2 “Pentagram”
  • Child Soldier (1.3): When it comes to the atheist, we learn they were willing and did train child soldiers, and Caleb was one of them.
    • First Real Battle (1.7): Was sent to the front lines when he was only 12 years of age.
    • An Orphan (1.7): Part of the reason Caleb became a child soldier was because he was an orphan.

Quotes & Gifs

Ambrose (Steve Wall)

Ambrose (Steve Wall) talking to Marcus.
Ambrose (Steve Wall)

His eminence is the highest-ranking officer left alive after Mother’s attack, and seemingly not prepared for what that means for those who have survived.

Additional Information About Ambrose

Quotes & Gifs


A creature looking for food.

Additional Information About Creatures

  • Introduced In Season 1
  • Taste Like? (1.5): Pork. They taste like pork.

Quotes & Gifs

Campion Sturges (Cosmo Jarvis)

Campion Sturges (Cosmo Jarvis) telling Mother his name.
Campion Sturges (Cosmo Jarvis)

Born to a wealthy Mithraic family, with a great education during his upbringing, it isn’t said what led Campion to become an atheist, a hacker, and giving Mithraic technology to the atheist, but it did make him a noted figure in the war.

Additional Information About Campion

Quotes & Gifs

Otho (Brendan Sean Murray)

Otho (Brendan Sean Murray) talking to Marcus.
Otho (Brendan Sean Murray)

The cleric who wake up during hibernation and raped multiple girls because Sol told them to.

Additional Information About Otho

Quotes & Gifs

Karl (Carel Nel)

Karl (Carel Nel) advising Mother.
Karl (Carel Nel)

An A-Plus life technician that Mother discovers in the Ark.

Additional Information About Karl

Quotes & Gifs

Vita (Ivy Wong)

Vita talking to Mother's baby.

One of the children Mother kidnaps.

Additional Information About Vita

Quotes & Gifs

Holly (Aasiya Shah)

Holly (Aasiya Shah) and Vita (Ivy Wong) praying
Holly (Aasiya Shah) and Vita (Ivy Wong)

One of the children who Mother kidnaps, that is the daughter of a soldier.

Additional Information About Holly

Quotes & Gifs

Tally (Grace Li)

One of Champion’s siblings who becomes a ghost that haunts not just humans, but androids as well.

Additional Information About Tally

Quotes & Gifs

Lucius (Marias Varela)

Lucius (Marias Varela) looking at Marcus.
Lucius (Marias Varela)

One of the Mithraic soldiers who has a history with Marcus due to an incident that led to his, Lucius’, father’s death.

Additional Information About Lucius

Quotes & Gifs

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