Raised By Wolves: Season 1/ Episode 5 “Infected Memory” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

As the original Campion and how Mother came to be is revealed, we might also be learning why Campion turned his back on the Mithraic.

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Mother, in a dream, looking down at a floor with multiple symbols.

As the original Campion and how Mother came to be is revealed, we might also be learning why Campion turned his back on the Mithraic.

Director(s) Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Writer(s) Heather Bellson
Aired (HBO Max) September 10, 2020
Introduced This Episode
Otho Brendan Sean Murray
Campion Cosmo Jarvis

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Life As His Eminence – Marcus, Sue, Otho

With the fall of Ambrose comes the question of who should succeed him? In the old world, it would be a cleric, but in order to avoid bloodshed, Marcus is allowed to become his eminence, as he has the backing of military members.

Otho (Brendan Sean Murray) talking to Marcus.
Otho (Brendan Sean Murray)

However, with this comes the question of what are his plans? For in the search for the children, they come across Otho, who raped Tempest amongst other girls, and naturally, his death is requested. But, Marcus, seeing him as potential fodder for the Necromancer, lets him live.

This might be the least of his problems since Sue, growing tired of living another woman’s life, wants Marcus, Caleb, rather, to call her Mary, her real name. Not only that, but she also wants intimacy and some form of normalcy now that the only thing which threatened their existence is now gone.

Mother’s Past Revealed – Campion, Mother, Father

In a way, Mother and Father’s relationship is constantly shifting, and it’s mainly because, in his search for purpose, he is becoming a bit of a liability. One that leaves Mother seemingly unsure why he was sent to be with her considering he is a basic model and she a war machine with feelings.

Well, like Father, with seeing images of one of the dead children, she finds herself venturing back to yet another hibernation pod, but this one takes her to her own past. In fact, it reveals to us not only the real Campion but information on who he was and how Mother came to be.

You see, Mother was a murderous Necromancer, but Campion captured her, and due to his education and upbringing as a Mithraic, from a wealthy family no less, he was able to reprogram her. Mind you, it wasn’t a quick and easy thing, for she snaps the neck of an android baby with hearing it was atheist, but eventually, he breaks through. Thus setting up why Mother has Father, and it is to have a companion, someone to connect with since Campion wasn’t going to join them.

Thus, that is Father’s purpose, to be a companion, an assistant, and someone who can connect with Mother in ways the children can’t.

A Clash On The Horizon – Marcus, Tempest, Mother, Father, Otho

But, while Mother is trying to make the best of things and learn to be patient with Father, him not keeping an eye on the kids nearly allows Tempest to commit suicide. This, as you can imagine, is a HUGE issue since she is pregnant. But with her not wanting the kid, especially since it was by rape, she feels like an incubator, and there is more an investment in the kid than her. Which Mother says isn’t true, but with Tempest distrusting of her, no amount of empathy may sway her.

But the children might find joy in the fact, despite trickery by Mother and traps set by the indigenous, Marcus finds their camp. However, as for how they will deal with Mother’s powers remains hard to say. For while they discover, when they find Otho, this master cell propulsion system, whether their eardrums can stand her screech long enough for that to be of any use is anyone’s guess.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Paul and Campion are really bonding with one another and have become full-on friends. On top of that, they are leading the charge for vegetarianism as they discovered, in the serpent pits, that there is an edible fungus.
  2. Considering the creature didn’t attack them on sight, even with being antagonized, could it be the only reason the mother creature was so violent was to protect their baby? If not hunger?
  3. What were those symbols we saw on those cards?


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Meeting Campion

Campion Sturges (Cosmo Jarvis) telling Mother his name.
Campion Sturges (Cosmo Jarvis)

With this being a mini-series, you have to love how it is hitting us at all corners to make sure when all is said and done, we felt like there was little to nothing left to question. Who was Campion? A high born Mithraic man who betrayed his people and became a hacker for the atheist. Now, as for why he turned on his people? Well, we can only assume he became privy to some of the nonsense Marcus has encountered, and with that he saw a flawed system with loads of hypocrisy.

Case in point, the world being run by clerics who use their military to “Stay Pure.” All the while, as seen with Hunter, their egos outweigh their usefulness and leave soldiers feeling less than. Making those who thought they’d rise after Ambrose’s death smart to just let Marcus ascend.

Is Sol More Twisted Than Given Credit For?

While Otho reveals he deserved to be executed before raping girls like Tempest, with the visions Marcus gets, so comes the question if Sol is multifaceted in ways not given credit for. An example being, while having sex, Marcus sees what might be Sue’s death, possibly by his hand. Could Sol not be the God of light and life, but actually darkness and death? Stay tuned.

The Indigenous People

Not much is known about the people indigenous to Kepler-22b. All we know is some look like zombies who have starved for decades, and then we have the other who set traps for the Mithraic that clearly have some form of intelligence. It’s just, what happened and is what was once considered a “virgin” planet really one post-apocalyptic?

A creature looking for food.

The Indigenous People - 83%
Is Sol More Twisted Than Given Credit For? - 81%
Meeting Campion - 84%


Raised by Wolves presses on in making sure all topics are covered and it only leaves you wanting more.

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