Campion and the Creature who is hunting them.

Alongside Caleb’s past being revealed, what killed the original children is learned as what remains of the Mithraic contend with the approach of Mother.

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Alongside Caleb’s past being revealed, what killed the original children is learned as what remains of the Mithraic contend with the approach of Mother.

Director(s) Luke Scott
Writer(s) Aaron Guzikowski
Aired (HBO Max) 9/3/2020
Introduced This Episode
Ambrose Steve Wall

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


In A Past Life – Marcus, Caleb, Sue, Ambrose, Paul

So, around 13 years before, after the Ark of Heaven left Earth, everyone was hibernating and in some form of Matrix-like environment where they could share a conscious. In this, Marcus and Sue, Caleb and Mary, they decide to engage Paul, which is strange to him. Mainly due to his real parents, the way he makes it seem, being far more cold. But to keep him from setting off any alarms, it is just said that he imagines them as he wishes they were.

However, with others noting the difference in Marcus, you’d think someone would get they are dealing with an imposter, but it seems with the war behind them, the desire for confrontation is minimal.

Well, at least on the Ark. Once on Kepler-22b, with people like Ambrose in command, that leads to some headbutting. Especially since Marcus and Sue wish to find and save Paul while Ambrose’s fear makes him want to hide, if not run, like a coward. For with Mother coming to the Ark for medicine, it forces them to stay away from her screech or face death.

Although, once her reign of terror is over, Marcus is left with no choice but to manipulate him and pay the price for doing so. Which is just carrying Ambrose like he is exalted.

Betraying Father – Father, Campion

Campion being confronted by Father.

With doubt and teenage rebellion in play, Campion decides to trap father, under the guise that Paul’s mouse has escaped, and runs with the other children. Naturally leading Father to feel betrayed and perhaps worried about what Mother may do to him.

It Wasn’t Your Fault – Mother, Father, Campion

But, in the long run, she isn’t mad. Disappointed, shocked maybe, but her focus is more so on distributing the drugs she took from the Ark and trying to correct what happened. You see, the food that she and Father have been giving the children had a radioactive seed in it. So everyone’s death, and the current crop of kids getting sick as well, it was all an accident.

With that in mind, Mother feels relieved but not as much as Father when he saves the children, twice, from whatever creature is stalking them. However, in the case of Paul, who gets separated, he lands in what looks like a human-made trap that will require Mother to rescue him.



Consistently Adding More Information To Further Viewers Understanding

A young version of Caleb.

From presenting Caleb’s childhood, answering the question of what was going on while in hibernation, to what was killing the kids, the show is giving consistent answers to questions. But, with us at the premiere cut off, so comes the question of what’s next? Will we learn more about what happened to Tempest while she was hibernating and those who were ranked higher than Ambrose? What about the atheist? We get a glimpse of what they were about through having child soldiers, like Caleb, but what beyond that?

For example, what was the Campion that modified Mother and Father like? Will we meet them?

Campion In That Teenage Rebellion Period

Considering Campion survived radioactive food and outsmarted father, could he be the leader spoken of in the Pentagonal Prophecy or just a rebellious teenager taking advantage of an android’s trust? Either way, him testing Father further pushes the idea he is meant for either great advancement or destruction, and it shall be interesting to see which path he ultimately takes.

On The Fence


Ambrose (Steve Wall) talking to Marcus.
Ambrose (Steve Wall)

The unfortunate thing about Ambrose is he seems like someone you’re made to hate simply because he is a coward and an ass. Not because of his decisions, his faith, or anything substantial, just because he is a little b****. Which is a bit frustrating for as Mother becomes a complicated figure, you’d want the leader of the other side to match her. Yet, at this rate, even if Mother was a murderous Necromancer on Earth, it’s hard to not be on her side considering what the Mithraic have offered us – Sans the unnamed woman we met on the Ark.

Consistently Adding More Information To Further Viewers Understanding - 86%
Campion In That Teenage Rebellion Period - 83%
Ambrose - 74%


As we learn more about Caleb, the Ark, and are prepped with what's to come, Raised by Wolves solidifies itself as something worth sticking around for.

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