Caleb looking at himself as Marcus.

We get a look at the final days of Earth as well as the kids from the Ark trying to adjust to living with the being which killed all they have known.

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We get a look at the final days of Earth as well as the kids from the Ark trying to adjust to living with the being which killed all they have known.

Director(s) Ridley Scott
Writer(s) Aaron Guzikowski
Aired (HBO Max) 9/3/2020
Introduced This Episode
Hunter Ethan Hazzard
Tempest Jordan Loughran
Mary Sienna Guillory
Sue Niamh Algar
Paul Felix Jamieson
Caleb Jack Hawkins

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Earth 2145 – Mary/Sue, Caleb/Marcus, Paul

Our focus is Boston, and throughout our time in the past, we see Necromancers, what Mother becomes in soldier mode, destroying things left and right. However, two people, Mary and Caleb, they discover a medic android, and with it having plastic surgeon capabilities, they become Sue and Marcus. Why? Because if they didn’t, being that they are expendable, they would die on Earth. However, by being, and killing the original Sue and Marcus, they get to be on the Ark.

But there is one issue: Paul. Well, at least it seemed like it would be an issue, but upon meeting Paul, he doesn’t seem to realize his parents aren’t the two people in front of him, so Mary and Caleb make it out alive.

A Remix On How Things Were – Mother, Father, Campion, Hunter, Tempest

With them now having 6 children, Mother believes Father is worthy of being reactivated, and no sooner than doing this comes Campion questioning what happened. Leading to it being made clear that Campion has a growing distrust of Mother, especially her deadly capabilities. Of which Father understands, but tries to keep Campion from doing anything reckless.

Especially since Hunter, the oldest, who acts as a leader of the new kids, already seems to be getting ideas in his head that could cause trouble. Add in he is surrounded by military kids, like Tempest, and it could lead to some destruction down the line. However, for now, Mother is just happy to have a second chance, and while she will have to reeducate these children, that is a small task all things considered.

A New Threat Arrives – Mother, Father, Campion, Tempest, Marcus

While you’d think Marcus and the Mithraic would be the sole thing to worry about, that isn’t the case. One issue, though blessing to Mother, is Tempest is pregnant. Mind you, it was by rape when she was in hibernation, but Mother tries to put a positive spin on things.

Tempest (Jordan Loghran) sitting in the dark.
Tempest (Jordan Loghran)

Plus, the real threat is, after 12 some odd years, now some Gollum looking creatures are stalking about, and with Campion deciding to hide Mother’s eyes, it becomes clear to her how afraid he is. If not that he could become a liability. But with knowing Father is on her side, there is a chance he might be able to keep any sense of anger or betrayal at bay.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“I never lost control, I just drew on a part of myself I didn’t know existed.”
— Mother

“Never hesitate to question me, […] but you have to accept the answers I give and have faith that I will always do what is best for you.”
— Father



Seeing Past Earth

While it isn’t clear whether we’ll see the events that led to the end of Earth, seeing its final days was quite something. Be it the Necromancers flying about, the capabilities of medics, alongside how members of the Ark dressed and how it looked inside, before Mother’s bloodbath.

Two Sides To The Mithraic

With knowing the second highest in command person not only raped one girl, but multiple girls, this opens up the idea that the actual Campion, not modern-day, had real reasons to distrust religious figures. But, alongside this, it further pushes you to want to see who acts as their leadership now and whether they too are corrupt or corruptible? After all, with a new world found, it means a fresh start for many, and not everyone takes proper advantage of a clean slate.

The Kids Seem Like They’ll Be Assets To The Show, And Liabilities For Mother

Characters under 18 on a show that isn’t focused on young adults, teens or tweens, can sometimes be a liability. Mostly in the form of them seeming whiny or there solely to prove two people had sex. Luckily, no one from the batch Mother rescued seems like they’ll be a liability for the show, just Mother.

Hunter, while pretentious, does seem like he can be fun to watch. For between teaching Campion religion to leading to more dad jokes from Father, he comes off like an asset. Then with Tempest, with her knowing the dark side of the Mithraic and being a child of a military member, this can allow us some insight into how things were in case the show doesn’t do an additional flashback.

The Kids Seem Like They'll Be Assets To The Show, And Liabilities For Mother - 81%
Two Sides To The Mithraic - 82%
Seeing Past Earth - 83%


With seeing old Earth and a new enemy on Keppler-22b, there is a chance "Raised by Wolves" isn't going to lose its luster.

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