In this tearjerker, a son talks to his mom about the love of her life, his father.

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In this tearjerker, a son talks to his mom about the love of her life, his father.

Director(s) William David Caballero
Screenplay By William David Caballero
Date Released 1/20/2022
Where To Watch Film Festival (Sundance Film Festival)
Genre(s) Animation, Family, Documentary
Duration 9 Minutes
Content Rating Not Rated
Noted Cast
Himself William
Herself Milly
Himself Chilly

Film Summary

After showing his parents his grad school project, his mother, Milly, walks down memory lane with her son. Be it how she met her husband, why they moved to South Carolina, just everything. Which, unfortunately, includes Chilly’s health issues and the struggle with taking care of a sick man.

Cast & Character Guide

Please Note: This is not an exhaustive list of every cast member.


The son of two people deeply in love, who became a filmmaker.

Chilly & Milly

From New York, specifically the Bronx and Brooklyn, in the early 80s, these two met, had a kid, and made a life for themselves and him down south.

Other Noteworthy Information

  • Reason(s) for Film Rating: Outside of minor blood, and depiction of needles, due to Chilly going to dialysis and talking about the pain he feels, this short doesn’t present notable red flags.



The Mix of Documentary Footage And Animation

Sometimes it is hard to tell a complete story since pictures don’t exist, videos or the people are no longer here. In many ways, you see animation as a means to compensate for that, and in Caballero’s piece, it allows you to see the pain of his father and the pride of his mother.

One prime example is one time when Milly seemed to believe she was going to lose Chilly, and through animation, with Chilly’s narration, we were allowed to see his take on things and what felt like he was dying. It’s a devastating thing to see in the animation style provided and gives you an idea of what both of William’s parents were going through in the moment.

You’re Going To Cry

With that said, you will cry. Within 9 minutes, you will get teary-eyed, and by the end, at least one tear will fall. For what most films need far more time to do, Chilly and Milly gets done in 9. It introduces the love story, the trials and tribulations, and the kind of ending which will make you need a moment of privacy for your tear(s).


Our Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)Recommended

While Chilly and Milly does coerce you to produce tears, there is no denying the beauty of the story told, the wonderful use of animation, and how it utilizes the time it has perfectly.

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