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Girl With A Thermal Gun (2021) – Review/Summary (with Spoilers)

by Amari

Is it real life, or was it all a fantasy? That is the question you’re left with after watching Girl With A Thermal Gun

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Director(s)Rongfei Guo
Screenplay ByRongfei Guo
Date Released6/19/2021
Where Can You Watch?Film Festival (Tribeca Film Festival)
Genre(s)Comedy, Romance, Young Adult, Non-English, Musical
Duration11 Minutes
RatingNot Rated
Noted Cast
The GirlLi Chao
The BoyHu Jie

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Film Summary

A boy, who appears to be a delivery person for a supermarket, where he falls for the girl who checks everyone’s temperature. However, whether his dreams of what can be their future end up real or not? Well…

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  • Reason(s) for Film Rating: There is no cursing, innuendo, nothing. This is squeaky clean.

Cast & Character Guide

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The Boy (Hu Jie)

The Boy (Hu Jie) getting his temperature checked

The Boy (Hu Jie)

A young man whose main job is delivering groceries from a local market.

The Girl (Li Chao)

The Girl (Li Chao) taking the boy's temperature

The Girl (Li Chao)

A young woman tasked with taking the temperature of all who enter a local market.

Review/ Commentary


The Question of Whether It Was A Dream

Guo embraces that feeling of meeting someone and planning out the entire life you could have with them without knowing much about them. And through Chao and Jie, you see a lot of the highs of that euphoric feeling, all the while not knowing if this is all in the boy’s head? If not, more so, hoping it isn’t all in his head.


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Girl With A Thermal Gun is the kind of short that can frustrate you. Not because it is bad or feels like a waste of time, but because it gets you so wrapped up that when it starts to unravel and give you back to reality, you realize you were in a dream. One which may not have ended with a happy ending, and it could leave you feeling a bit frustrated.

Title Card - Girl With A Thermal Gun (2021)
Girl With A Thermal Gun (2021) – Review/Summary (with Spoilers)
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Who wants a cute short romance/musical with an ending that reflects how many chance encounters play out.
The Question of Whether It Was A Dream
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