A Dog’s Way Home – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

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A Dog’s Way Home Ending (Spoilers)

A Dog's Way Home - Alternate Title Card

As you’d expect and is spoiled in the trailer, Bella does eventually get back to Lucas. However, the reason she get separated from him, and has to take this long and arduous journey, is partly her fault. The first issue is her not running home, as trained, for she felt Lucas needed her when animal control came around. The second issue stems from her leaving Olivia’s aunt and uncle’s home, where she was to stay until Lucas figured something out.

But, with help from other dogs, a cougar she raises, after its mother is shot, and some kind humans, she eventually makes it home. Causes a bit of chaos, like a few car accidents, along the way, ends up trapped by Axel, who dies with her chained to him, but she makes it back in one piece. With a broken limb, but alive and at the foot of the bed of Lucas and Olivia. Who, while a little flirty in the beginning, seem to develop a whole relationship over the 2+ years Bella is away.

Questions Left Unanswered

  1. Did Axel tie Bella to his belt so that he wouldn’t die alone?

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