Live Performances



Positive (See Live)

You get what you pay for. More than likely, the tickets weren’t cheap, nor travel costs, and the performers make the show more than worth your time. Arguably, they give you reason to want to save up and perhaps go again, take a friend, and share what honestly is a memorable experience.

Mixed (Video Recording)

This rating is given to performances which are good, but they aren’t necessarily worth the price of admission and the cost to get to the venue. It would be advisable to wait for it to be released online.

Negative (Not Worth It)

Considering the costs involved with getting to the venue and purchasing a ticket, and all you are left with is a flier or playbill and a receipt? Rather than the type of experience you want to share, relive, or something of that nature, this rating goes out to those which are just not worth the time, money, and effort to see the performance.

Live Performances