Wild N’ Out Live definitely isn’t for the sensitive or those who can’t handle a joke but, if you don’t fit those boxes, you will have one hell of a time.

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Wild N’ Out Live definitely isn’t for the sensitive or those who can’t handle a joke but, if you don’t fit those boxes, you will have one hell of a time.

Venue The Prudential Center
Venue Address Newark, NJ
Date 8/25/2018
Genre(s) Stand Up Comedy, Game Show
Good If You Like Hip-Hop, Rap, and Freestyling
Jokes Which Are Far From Politically Correct
People Being Embarrassed and Used for Fodder
Total Time (Including Multiple Music Videos) 2 Hours & 45 Minutes
Noted Performers
Himself/ The Boyfriend Nick Cannon
The Girlfriend (Fuck You Trilogy) K. Michelle
Himself Hitman Holla
Himself Conceited
Herself Justina Valentine
Himself DC Young Fly
Himself Charlie Clips
Himself Rip Michaels
Himself Chico Bean
Himself Jadakiss
Himself Lil’ Cease
Himself Blockboy JB
Himself Fabulous


The Venue & Parking


Honestly, unless you must pretend someone is actually monitoring your car, there is very little reason to pay for parking. If you show up early, you’ll be able to park either on Mulberry Street, going towards McCarter Highway, or on one of the side streets. It’s a far better option than paying $16+ just to be in a lot with a gate, that is protected, or more so monitored, by 2 – 3 people. Especially if it is raining. For there is a parking deck right next to the Prudential Center but that might run you $25+.

The Prudential Center

Like most places, if something is going wrong or a delay, it seems nobody knows nothing and unless you directly ask them, they aren’t going to tell you a thing. With that said, despite not being communicative, their security team is quite friendly. Which will greatly make up for the seats. For while comfortable enough to sit for a half hour, maybe an hour, after that you will be shifting in your seat. Also, god forbid you got hips for while, if you are maybe 5’11 or shorter, you’ll be comfortable, leg room wise, if you are wide? Well, you minas well introduce yourself to your neighbor for your arms and thighs are going to be touching. Unless you thin or contour your body throughout the show.

The Opening Act(s)

Music Videos

Nick Cannon in the "Fuck You" Trilogy.

Things began with the “F*** You Trilogy” which was a three-part music video featuring K. Michelle and Nick Cannon. One in which he autotunes his voice as he goes through some ghetto relationship. One which includes robbing her, cheating on her, she coming at him with a bat, and maybe putting him in the hospital. It was definitely something else.

In between each part, we saw music videos featuring members of the Wild N’ Out cast. Specifically Hitman Holla, Conceited, and Charlie Clips. Now, as for this as an opener, it was alright. I’m not heavy into rap and none of the songs were really that commercial but it was better than just sitting and listening to DJ Hollywood repeat his name countlessly.

The Headliner

Jadakiss & Lil’ Cease

Things begin on a bit of nostalgia as Jadakiss and Lil’ Cease do their hits and also songs they were associated with. However, neither stick around long after their set. Lil’ Cease just goes poof and Jadakiss plays the first game, “Turn Up For What?” and is out.

The Games

For those who haven’t been to a live show, like I didn’t, you’d be surprised to learn the games barely make up the show. Altogether, the show was 2 hours and 45 minutes and if the games took up 45 minutes, I’d be surprised. With that said, what you see on TV? This takes things a step further since, naturally, there are more sexual jokes, cursing, and the type of things MTV wouldn’t air for an organization would probably protest them.


However, one must note “Let Me Holla” and “Family Reunion” were played. Also, “Let Me Holla” didn’t have a Wild N’ Out Girl, they just stood around and looked pretty. Instead, they brought someone from the audience. Not a woman who Cannon would hire for a Wild N’ Out girl either. But, to make things fun, they also had a guy come up and boy did he bomb! As seen in the video above, he got booed off stage and got to be the butt of future jokes. Of which there was about three or four who got to be consistent targets.

Which brings us to “Family Reunion.” There are a handful of moments which stick out. Be it some kid, who couldn’t be more than 19, grabbing Justina Valentine’s breast and it seeming unplanned, one woman being introduced and her wig being snatched off – then the comic running around the floor with it, while she is embarrassed onstage, many going in on this white dude, and then there is a person who DC Young Fly had a field day with during his set who was passed around comic to comic.

And of course, they played “Wildstyle” but, with Jadakiss and Lil’s Cease gone, The Black Squad didn’t have a team captain. So it was really just Justina going after Conceited and Charlie Clips, them coming back at her, mostly by talking about her vagina or how they did something sexual to her, and Nick being dragged – as usual. With his main comeback being that he is this boss. All in the matter of, around 7 or so minutes.

Emmanuel Hudson

Most of the show is honestly filled up with some of the veterans of the Wild n’ Out cast having sets. They range to a little more than ten minutes with Emmanuel and Chico Bean, to DC Young Fly and Rip Michaels having 15+ minutes. Things begin with Emmanuel Hudson.

His main topics deal with establishing, to the handful of white people in the artist, the difference between black people and the term I can’t type since it gets flagged. Which isn’t some remix of Chris Rock’s joke on the topic but one all his own – that honestly seems like a pretty good barometer to know which kind you are dealing. But then he goes to dating and, then comes the gay and trans jokes. Most of which likely wouldn’t cause a huge stir. One of the jokes was about him being in Atlanta and thinking someone was hitting on his girl when really they was hitting on him, and him asking her what she was going to do about it. As for the trans jokes? It was your usual stuff dealing with invalidating how they identify because of what was originally on their birth certificate. Nothing new.

Chico Bean

When it comes to Chico’s style, he doesn’t venture into controversial territory. He keeps his jokes about sex and relationships. The kind of jokes which could come on cable without much in the way of editing. For most of them deal with liking real women, not Instagram models, losing weight, dating not being like it used to be, and simple stuff like that.

DC Young Fly


However, when DC Young Fly comes on, any sort of restraint Hudson has is nowhere to be seen. DC Young Fly does a trans joke in which he goes through LGBT and says the T stands for transformers. He also talks about messing around with a disabled girl, deaf girl, and while I’m sure sensitive people might take offense, none of it seems like jokes which just seem straight up hateful. Does it present some kind of toxic masculinity? Probably. Does he outright say he is a homophobe, at least when it comes to transwoman? Pretty much. But, like a racist has a Black friend, he fits in some jokes about a lesbian couple to show he is selective.

Leaving us with his story of how he got to the stage. How, back in 2013, his life went from going nowhere but becoming a statistic to, because of one friend pushing him, and a stolen iPhone, he slowly but surely became a vine sensation. And, despite his daddy dying during this year of success, his faith carried him through and from 2014 on, he reached bigger and better heights ever since.

Oh, and he also brings up Azealia Banks and that controversy, but pretty much he doesn’t bring up anything new. Just airs the same frustrations he had before and jokes he used on her.

Rip Michaels


All of this man’s jokes pretty much dealt with cracking on the audience and, let me tell you, because I’m weird and tally up how many times I laugh, in total I counted 56 and this man alone, in a small set, got about 18. For comparisons sake, DC got 12, Emmanuel 10, and Chico 8. The rest of the laughs came from the games. Particularly the “Family Reunion” segment where, I believe, RIP took a woman’s wig, and this woman who kept talking during DC Young Fly’s segment, alongside this dude with blonde braids and a Pokémon shirt, were running gags.

But, refocusing on Rip Michaels, he didn’t try to body anyone he jokes with, but he used each example to the last drop. One of the funniest moments was perhaps when he was joking on this Black dude, who honestly looked like Quavo, from the Migos, who brought a white girl with him. He went in, but in a way where neither would feel attacked. And for added effect, like DC Young Fly, he used music to enhance his jokes. For this specific situation, Rip Michaels was playing music to hype different segments of the crowd. Whether it was Hispanics, Muslims, or others, but for this white girl he played Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA” and it was hilarious.

It also helped she had a sense of humor, and when he called other white people to dance they participated.


The Comedy Sets

Being that the show doesn’t feature any of the comics do stand up, just the games, it was a bit of a surprise we got to see so many sets. And while some were more memorable than others, each one presented themselves in such a way that, if they did like Chloe x Halle and had a solo gig alongside the tour, they’d be worth paying for. Especially Rip Michaels. I didn’t really know who he was before this but now he is the main one I’d seek out to see if he has a local comedy show. Even if it is at Caroline’s which means it’s the ticket price plus a two drink minimum.


Getting In

I’m really starting to wonder if, when it is a Black show, there will consistently be CP time issues with no staff member conveying what’s going up. With the exception of Smart, Funny, and Black since Amanda Seales don’t play that. For the doors were supposed to open at 7 PM, but didn’t till damn near 7:40. With security seemingly knowing as much as us and the start time only being delayed 15 minutes. Making for those who decided to get an aisle seat? Oh, they never got to sit comfortably – believe me.

Lack of Black Squad Captain

Considering there were 4 musical acts (Jadakiss, Lil’ Cease, Fabulous, and Blockboy JB), are you seriously telling me no one could have been a captain? Which was only an issue to me because, when it came to Wildstyle, it truly felt like, if you watch the show, you were just hearing the same jokes about Justina’s crotch, Nick’s turban, Conceited being short, and Charlie Clips being fat. So them going in on any of the musicians could have helped break us out of a very familiar pattern.

On The Fence

The Lack of Games – Even Though It Was Compensated By Quality


The games are pretty much the selling point of Wild n’ Out. So them playing such a small part in an almost three-hour show was kind of puzzling. Yet, between “Let Me Holla,” “Family Reunion” and “Pick Up and Kill It,” there wasn’t a real need to complain. Especially because they really did bring the audience into the show in a way you don’t often see.

Granted, I’m sure 360 and the women who got her wig snatched may not have fully enjoyed the experience, but we did. As well as the kid who assaulted Justina. Who hopefully just played like she wasn’t expecting to be grabbed. I’m not 100% sure.

The Music Videos In The Beginning

I’m not into rap, and considering how Nick being a trash musician is something that has been said since this show began, I won’t say he is horrible but I can see why that is the least successful venture of his. For whether it was the solo music video or the videos he was featured in, he kind of had that P. Diddy, if you want financing you have to put me in there, kind of vibe.

With that said, I kind of found the “Fuck You Trilogy” interesting.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • For some reason, Nick said the place was sold out but, there were many empty seats off to the side and even in the nosebleeds. So I guess that was for the camera.
  • If it is a big venue, you won’t have to worry about sitting in the back for, at least at the Prudential Center, they had screens which made it so, you may need to have glasses on, but you don’t feel like you’re just seeing ants and just getting the audio.

Overall: Positive (See Live)

To be frank, I’m a bougie negro. When it comes to Hip-Hop and game shows, I’m more in tune with Smart, Funny, and Black than Wild n’ Out. However, I had a good ass time. I laughed more than I probably have done in years, found myself wanting to take note of a few people’s careers, and this is definitely the kind of experience that I may not want to do again solo, but would definitely recommend to a friend and go with them.

Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out is on tour till Novermber so get your tickets now.

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