The After Party – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

What The After Party does is give us the kind of hip-hop duo you’d love to see star in a sitcom together. Director(s) Ian Edelman Screenplay By Ian Edelman Date Released 8/24/2018 Genre(s) Comedy Good If You Like Hip-Hop Drake Sounding Rapper Comedy Duos Noted Cast Owen Kyle Harvey Jeffrey Harrison Holzer Alicia Shelley Hennig…

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Title card for Netflix's After Party.

What The After Party does is give us the kind of hip-hop duo you’d love to see star in a sitcom together.

Director(s) Ian Edelman
Screenplay By Ian Edelman
Date Released 8/24/2018
Genre(s) Comedy
Good If You Like Hip-Hop

Drake Sounding Rapper

Comedy Duos

Noted Cast
Owen Kyle Harvey
Jeffrey Harrison Holzer
Alicia Shelley Hennig
Himself Charlamagne Tha God
Bl’asia Teyana Taylor
Jessica Jamie Choi


Since Owen and Jeffrey were ten they have known each other and, since 9th grade, Jeffrey has been Owen’s backstage hype man turned manager. However, with high school coming to an end and college for Jeffrey on the horizon, and the marines for Owen, it is do or die. So, a showcase was supposed to be Owen’s big break under his rap persona OH! But then he vomited everywhere and had a seizure. Thus giving birth to Seezjah Boy.

However, despite becoming a meme, and a huge joke, Jeffrey doesn’t give up. Thus leading him to use all of his abilities, and the backing of his very rich father, to try his damnedest to make sure Owen’s dream comes true. Even if he may have to get cursed out, embarrassed, beaten up, and pepper sprayed for it to happen.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, did Alicia and Owen have sex in the end?


Kyle Harvey and Harrison Holzer

Owen yelling at Jeffrey.
(L to R): Kyle Harvey and Harrison Holzer

A part of me really wants to compare their chemistry to DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. For while Jeffrey doesn’t rap, he is the manager, he somehow finds a way to circumvent being the well-financed Jewish dude behind the up and coming rapper motif and even makes his love for hip-hop not seem cringey. He truly seems like Owen’s biggest cheerleader and you have to love the way Harvey and Holzer play off one another. It’s the kind of relationship you want to see more of and also see evolve. Be it like Kid & Play did a bunch of House Party movies or make this a pilot for a bigger series. Since we are left with Owen just getting signed, and we don’t necessarily know to who, and the boy is only 17 or 18 years old. There is still a whole lot of story which can be handled either episodically or with more movies.

Hopefully with some of the cameo appearances having larger roles. Maybe speaking truth to bring some realness to Owen and Jeffrey’s world.

More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar

Getting into entertainment, especially as a creative, has always been touted as a pain in the behind. However, when it comes to the music industry, a lot of people are looked down upon just because they suddenly blow up. But, one thing you have to admire about this story is that it shows the steps it takes to try to make it big as a rapper.

Jeffrey and Owen did 4 mixtapes together, got Owen’s IG account up to 7,000 followers, and this is by working around 3 years. Not to mention, Jeffrey had Owen battle rapping and doing small shows. We also see them, in a small way, do the promotion side to get people to come. Building up to Jeffrey trying to network and getting Owen a spot in Charlamagne Tha God’s showcase.

And the reason I rehash the first half hour or so of the movie is new rappers, such as Cardi B, people think pop out of nowhere and don’t deserve the “sudden” fame they got. Yet, as shown by these two, it takes work, it takes modifying your default personality into something which appeals to people.

Owen and Alicia reuniting after one crazy night.
Owen (Kyle Harvey): Hey
Alicia (Shelley Hennig): Hey

Also, outside of the business, what you have to also appreciate is the romance side of the movie and there being an underlying message that, while some people like material things, it isn’t always necessary. In the case of trying to woo a woman, just having a nice smile, being able to hold a conversation, a bit of swag and initiative, that can go a long way. For whether we are talking about Owen’s crush, and Jeffrey’s sister, Alicia, or Jeffrey’s instant love for Teyana Taylor’s Bl’asia, you see that it really is just about being who you are and not fronting. Since, usually, when people front, they come off like a**holes.

Women Were Depicted Rather Well

It’s weird to watch what is essentially a hip-hop movie that not only treats the women in it well but even makes those like Bl’asia, who are strippers, complex and intelligent. For example, Alicia could easily be seen as a little princess who might only be interested in guys who seem on her status level. Yet, because Owen likes French New Wave movies, and knows how to craft a romantic scene, it seems despite him being barely legal, and the only thing going for him is that his father owns a Chipotle rip-off, she is into him. Maybe even has sex with him.

Bl'asia rejecting Owen and Jeffrey's pleas to go to an after party because they don't got the money.
Teyana Taylor as Bl’asia

But it isn’t just love interests. Bl’asia and the strippers are diverse. Bl’asia invests her money in property and stocks but, like her girls, she still got drama. This man named Leon stalks her, she owes people money, and she is given just enough for you to realize she had a full life before Jeffrey ever crossed her path. Same goes for Jessica, who works at Atlantic records. Most of the women we meet, that have a name, have a backstory and a life. Perhaps not just more than most hip-hop movies, but films in general.

On The Fence

Jeffrey Bouncing Back After Owen Roasted Him

Of course there comes a moment when the best friends fall out. However, the things Owen says to Jeffrey, which is half the reason he bounces back from the Seezjah Boy thing, came off a little bit too real to let go. Even considering, his grand gesture because of their friendship.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing)

What makes this film is Holzer and Harvey’s chemistry. The way they play off each other makes it so you want them to partner up again and again and become a hip-hop comedic duo of some kind. One which, I’ll admit, may not be for everybody but I think could have great success.

Hence the positive label for between the story and characters, so much goes right with The After Party. Making it really seem this can’t be a one and done collaboration. There has to be more done between these talented individuals, and definitely an expansion of the whose who in hip-hop not just doing cameos but having real talks with the leads.

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