Character Guides Netflix’s Daybreak: Cast, Characters & General Information (with Spoilers)

Netflix’s Daybreak: Cast, Characters & General Information (with Spoilers)

A show/ character guide for Netflix’s Daybreak featuring who plays who, character descriptions, storylines, and general information.

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Information is updated as new episodes are released and watched, and images changed as better ones are captured.



General Information About Netflix’s Daybreak

  • The show takes place in Glendale, CA

Social Media & Official Website

Social Media


Groups & Organizations

Disciples of Kardashia

The Disciples of Kardashia

4-H Club

The 4-H Club

The Jocks

The group Turbo Bro Jock leads.

The Golf Team

The various members of the golf team, before they die.

The STEM Punks

The Stem PunksFormerly led by Jordan, the STEM Punks are the reason most of the technology, including vehicles, are operational in Glendale.


The Cheermazons, with Demi having a mask on.An all-girl tribe, led by Demi, which is for the eradication of men. Their symbol is the pyramid due to how it represents equality for them.

Porto Bakery Boyz

Highland Park Donut Hos

Yung Kopps

Notable Locations

The territory map of Daybreak.
Logos (Not An Exhaustive List): Smiley Face with barbells (Jocks), Pyramid with two Cs (Cheermazons), Cartoon cop (Yung Kopps), Diamond with DOK (Disciples of Kardashia), Girl licking Donut (Highland Park Donut Hos), Four Leaf Clover (4-H Club), and kid with chef’s hat (Porto Bakery Boyz)

The Mall

The home to fake Baron Triumph – Eli.

Glendale High

The local high school where everyone used to go.

Paradise Cove

The apartment building Josh lives in.

Noteworthy Events

The Day The Bombs Dropped

This took place over 6 months from the beginning of the series.

Terms To Know


What those over 18 are called for they are very similar to zombies. The only difference being, they can talk. Mind you, the only thing they say is the last thing they were thinking or talking about, but they can still talk.

Emma Gonzalez Accord

An agreement among tribes that, even if at war, they wouldn’t use guns.


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