Daybreak: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Slime Queenpin of Glendale, CA” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

As Josh deals with gangrene and the possibility of death, we get to know his ten-year-old tormentor and shed a few tears.

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Title Card - Daybreak Season 1, Episode 3 “The Slime Queenpin of Glendale, CA”

As Josh deals with gangrene and the possibility of death, we get to know his ten-year-old tormentor and shed a few tears.

Director(s) Michael Patrick Jann
Writer(s) Calaya Michelle Stallworth
Air Date 10/25/2019
Introduced This Episode
Demi Jade Payton
Jordan Tim Johnson

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My Life With My Ghoulie: Ms. Crumble, Josh

Ms. Crumble would really prefer not to eat Josh, but with his finger stolen by a crow, she has no source of iron or protein. Add in no one is around to stop her, and Josh keeps passing out, it makes him vulnerable. But, lucky for him, she decides against this for after talking to her doll heads, she discovers maggots.

Ms. Crumble talking to a doll head.

Leading to another showing that Ms. Crumble isn’t all gone since she uses said maggots to eat away at Josh’s infection, likely prolonging his life (assumption) and also giving her a workaround. For with the maggots now having the essence of Josh, she can subdue her hunger and keep from eating a beloved student.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. So if the kids came up with some form of tofu, cooked it in human blood, would that suffice for ghoulies?

The Rise & Fall of Angelica: Demi, Wesley, Josh, Sam, Angelica

With Josh out of commission, so comes the question of how to keep the viewers entertained? Well, Angelica picks up the slack, and it leads to us learning a huge amount about her. It begins with learning she is homeschooled, has no friends, all the way to her wanting to be a gangster, “Gangsta,” as she prefers to say, like Griselda Blanco. For with her genius, all she wants now is a crew.

Why? Well, she is lonely. All she seems to have are people her parents pay to be around her and movies. Violent movies that you have to be surprised she has access to or were made aware of. But, while we get to know Angelica, it is more so as she is today and not the full bolts and gears of what made her this way.

Jade Payton as Demi, leader of the Cheermazons
Jade Payton as Demi

But, moving on, while it isn’t clear what connected Josh to Angelica, originally, what is made clear is Angelica’s rise as a Queenpin, selling slime which was infused with prescription drugs. This led to her connecting to Demi, the head of the cheerleaders, and thinking she has found a crew or family. Well, at least until Demi makes it clear that she is just everyone’s drug dealer and her trying to be their friend is awkward, at best.

Hence why Angelica values Josh so much. Demi rejecting Angelica hit hard, and even in a post-apocalyptic world, she doesn’t fully accept Angelica, and it hurts. Josh, on the other hand, said she was “Worth-it Weird” and that touched her. Maybe to the point of developing a crush on Josh. At least, based on her mimicking Sam, if she doesn’t have a crush on Josh she at least wants to be treated to some ilk of what Sam receives – without the work Sam does being involved.

Thus, after working with Welsey to get antibiotics, she saves him from Demi trying to kill him and convinces him to help her form a tribe with Josh.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Considering how Josh’s mom isn’t around, how did he end up connecting with Angelica’s parents and becoming her baby sitter?
  2. We don’t see Angelica’s parents, unless I’m mistaken, so was her desire to see her mom again just a reminder she is ten and doesn’t like being alone by force, rather than by choice?

Sometimes You Have To Lie To Those You Love: Angelica, Josh, Wesley

Being that Josh is a love-struck idiot, Angelica knows the only way to stop him from wandering Glendale, maybe further, for Sam is to make it appear she is dead. Wesley agrees to help, since he too seems to miss being part of something, and this leads to them tricking Josh. Someone who, likely, will have a multi-day meltdown over thinking Sam is dead, and be seriously pissed if he ever finds out she isn’t.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Mona getting upset.
Mona: Did I just hear myself ask for stupid motherfucking questions?

[…] a gangsta is surrounded by a mob, a true family, and a genius is all fucking alone.
— Angelica

Maybe I test people. But it’s not my fault they fail.
— Angelica

Of course, I’m paranoid about what people think of me. That doesn’t make me have a personality disorder. […] Everyone wants to be someone who is liked, admired, loved. I test people, I push people because I want to see who will push back.
— Angelica

It’s easy to destroy things. It’s harder to put things together.
— Angelica

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

Tim Johnson as Jordan, former leader of the STEM Pack
Tim Johnson as Jordan
  • Turbo has a bit of a breakdown, and Jordan, the head of STEM, helps him with it – before he is sentenced to death.
  • Baron eats Josh’s finger


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Angelica Made Me Cry

I didn’t expect Angelica’s spiel about being a misunderstood genius would mess me up, but it did. Perhaps it is due to you seeing her actions as acts of desperation now rather than her being psycho. Like, take her interest in bombs, fire, and things like that. In my mind, it is painted as those things being a distraction from what is going on in her life. So between the noise, crackle of flames, or watching something deteriorate, she can take her mind off no one to share the moment with.

Which helps you understand her deep connection to Josh. When it comes to most people in Angelica’s life, they only value certain parts of her or what they can get from her. Be it her parents saying they raised a genius, others looking at her as their drug dealer, or being a story to tell about some crazy kid. With Josh, however, he seems to see and appreciate her as a whole. He makes her feel like she belongs and doesn’t need to focus on one aspect to win people over.

Though, perhaps the best part is he makes her feel safe. Not just in terms of the physical way, but safe in terms of safety in her own head. For with her talking about testing people, pushing them away, and hoping they’d pass or stick around, it seems with him he has passed those tests, and his continued presence hushes those feelings of not belonging or being wanted. Because, even if he treats her like an annoying little sister, it is in them having that kind of a relationship she feels claimed, chosen, and is able to say she belongs to something, or rather someone.

Ms. Crumble Is Comical

Ms. Crumble talking to her doll heads.
Ms. Crumble: but can we just focus on the issues at hand, please?

Between talking to the dolls and how she handles the maggots, Ms. Crumble is becoming an unexpected favorite amongst the show.

On The Fence

Angelica Is As Annoying As You Expect A 10 Year Old To Be

While Angelica made me cry, I will not pretend between how this child says, “Gangsta” to some of her other antics, I didn’t find myself repeatedly rolling my eyes. Yet, being that Angelica is ten, so she is old enough to talk, walk, fix herself a sandwich, yet still heavily reliant on others for money, validation, and safety, it balances out in the long run.


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Ms. Crumble Is Comical - 80%
Angelica Made Me Cry - 90%


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