M.O.M. (Mothers of Monsters)

Amari Allah

Review By

Tucia Lyman

Directed by

Tucia Lyman

March 13, 2020

Written By

Released (Digital)


For ten years, Abby has monitored her son Jacob and as he approaches his 16th birthday, she worries his eccentricities might be signs of him becoming deadly.

Jacob (Bailey Edwards)

16 and showing signs of worrisome behavior, like harming animals and drawing disturbing pictures, Jacob is showing all the signs of being dangerous.

Abby (Melinda Page Hamilton)

Abby is a single mother, working hard to raise her son. But, it's a challenge, especially as she sees all the signs within her son.

Review Summary

Melinda Page Hamilton's performance puts into the viewer's thoughts the fear of becoming a parent, and speaks for many parents unaware of what their child, usually son, was capable of.

Review Summary

But, while her performance deserves praise, and how the film connects the dots regarding Jacob, I'd submit it leans towards shock value over keeping things rooted by the end of the movie.

Who Is this For?

Those who love small cast movies, with an intense relationship, and have a interest in a "Will they or won't they" type story regarding Jacob becoming what his mother fears.

Similar to the film, "Rudderless" focuses on a parent whose child is involved with a school shooting.