The Birch, while definitely not a surefire hit based on the premiere, definitely has enough to make you wanna stick around.

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The Birch, while definitely not a surefire hit based on the premiere, definitely has enough to make you wanna stick around.

Facebook Watch
Creator(s) Jack Davis, Kate Krantz, and Darren Brandl
Director(s) John William Ross
Writer(s) J. Casey Modderno
Air Date 10/11/2019
Genre(s) Horror, Supernatural
Good If You Like
  • Outcast Leads
  • Kids With Dead Parents
  • Revenge Sagas
  • Shows That Feature Kids From The Wrong Side OF The Tracks
Introduced This Episode
Evie Xaria Dotson
Lily Katie O’Grady
Thurston Dempsey Bryk

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Plot Overview/ Review

It has been a while since Evie’s mother, Lily, died from an overdose, as the story goes. Her dad hasn’t been the same, and neither has she. Hence her going to her mother’s grave, trying to figure out some way to communicate with her. However, in doing so one day, she discovers Thurston, and his friends, over a dead body.

This leads to them chasing her down and damn near ready to kill her. But, she is let free with a warning and threat on her father’s life. Leading to her, upon discovery of a ritual symbol, trying to get revenge on Thurston and his friends. But she may not fully realize what she asked for and who, or rather what, she conjured for vengeance.


Evie Doesn’t Have A “I’m Not Like Other Girls” Vibe

While Evie has colored hair, seems troubled, and is clearly an outcast, she doesn’t come off like a Hollywood version of an outcast. If anything, she seems normal. Even her whole witch thing, you can tell that is done out of desperation for while she loves her dad, he isn’t her mom, and they had something special between them.

Plus, considering how artsy Evie seems, without being obnoxious about it, Dotson proves herself ready and capable to lead.

Thurston Makes For A Compelling Villain

The same can be said for Thurston. While a drug dealer, who threatens the life of Evie’s dad, there is something weirdly chill about him. Like he knows his power and doesn’t find a reason to flaunt it. Yet, in his threats, he solely presents his power just so the audience can be aware of who is the leader and who are the lackeys.


First Impression: Positive (Watch This)

Thus far, Facebook Watch hasn’t really figured out its niche. It’s not the platform made for the elites, up and coming talent, it’s just a place to get your work seen right now. And from what it seems, The Birch’s place in that is continuing to show Facebook Watch as a buffet of shows where you can get a little bit of everything. But like a buffet, compared to a restaurant, the premire of The Birch presents the idea you are only getting a taste and can’t guarantee consistency. So you’ll likely have to watch more episodes to get a feel of this show. We know we’ll have to.

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Evie Doesn’t Have A “I’m Not Like Other Girls” Vibe - 85%
Thurston Makes For A Compelling Villain - 84%


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