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Beyond the awards speech, UMC’s “Behind Her Faith” seeks to expand on how faith has kept some of the top names in entertainment pushing forward.

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Beyond the awards speech, UMC’s “Behind Her Faith” seeks to expand on how faith has kept some of the top names in entertainment pushing forward.

Creator(s) Paula Bryant-Ellis
Release Date (UMC) Spring 2020
Cast Members
Herself Essence Atkins
Herself Aisha Hinds
Herself Niecy Nash
Herself Angelica Nwandu

Official Synopsis

Behind Her Faith is a new docuseries that will provide viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the power of faith and its driving force on successful women in entertainment, sports, music, business, politics, and ministry. Created by writer/director Paula Bryant-Ellis, “Behind Her Faith” will feature several accomplished women who tread different walks of life, but all have one thing in common: the conscious decision to put their faith first without fear or regret.

Each episode will center on one subject as they open up to viewers about their greatest achievements and biggest successes as well as their toughest disappointments and most heartbreaking moments; sharing their life lessons and triumphs along the way. Kicking off with a four-episode order, the first installment of “Behind Her Faith” will feature Essence Atkins (“Marlon,” “Ambitions”), Aisha Hinds (“Underground,” The Hate U Give), Niecy Nash (“Claws,” “When They See Us”) and Angelica Nwandu, founder of The Shade Room.

Our Take

As the overview notes, when it comes to faith, usually that is limited to thanking God or Jesus during award speeches, and maybe you’ll hear about a person’s faith in in-depth interviews for print or and the seldom video. However, in general, a person’s faith is treated as something private, and the ones who are the most open about religion are usually the people who are against it or exploiting it. So Behind Her Faith will be a welcome change of pace as it seeks out what, beyond a person’s team of people, are the driving force behind their careers.

And, if I may say, the fact that we have well-known names like Essence Atkins, Aisha Hinds, and Niecy Nash involved, it does give the first couple of episodes some clout. Add in nearly everyone knowing what The Shade Room, with mixed thoughts on it, it should be interesting to see how faith drives Angelica Nwandu when it comes to a product that does have a divisive reputation.

Oh, add in Black Love co-creator Codie Elaine Oliver being part of this, and you know these questions and interviews are going to be in-depth, likely quotable, and soul-stirring.

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