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"Title Card," Everything Now, "Season 1 Episode 1," directed by Alyssa McClelland, 2023, (Netflix)

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General Information

This section Includes information about the Director, Writer, and Cast.

Release Date (Netflix) October 5, 2023
Director(s) Alyssa McClelland
Writer(s) Ripley Parker
Created By Ripley Parker
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Mia Sophie Wilde
Alex Sam Reuben
Rick Alex Hassell
Viv Vivienne Acheampong
Cameron Harry Cadby
Becca Lauryn Ajufo
Will Noah Thomas
Alison Niamh McCormack
Theo Robert Akodoto

Plot Recap

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FOMO – Mia, Alex, Rick, Viv, Cameron, Becca, Will, Alison, Theo

For seven months, Mia was recovering from an eating disorder and other ailments. Cameron was the one who told her parents, Rick and Viv, and to a certain degree, she may never get over that. However, it was needed, and everyone is glad she is getting better. Some, like her father Rick and brother Alex, are more vocal than her often absentee mom Viv, but Mia has learned to accept who her mom is. Viv is far more focused on work as the potential breadwinner of the household than how her children feel.

Plus, friends supplement the lack of support or love parents give, and while Mia is still a bit meh when it comes to Cameron, Becca is still her best friend, Will the most loveliest person around, and Alison? Well, she is a lot, with no filter, maybe a slight hinge of ignorance, but she has become part of the crew in Mia’s absence, it seems.

Add on Alison’s lack of filter leads to the reveal Theo, Mia’s crush, is having a party, it gives her the opportunity to reintegrate and be seen as normal, rather than the girl who ended up at a mental hospital.

The Bucket List – Mia, Becca, Will, Cameron, Alison, Theo

So, what is it Mia wants to do first? She is out, about, and still very much a teenager. Well, there is party, kissing, getting drunk, doing drugs, losing her virginity, having her first date, a relationship, breaking the law, and it doesn’t need to be in that order. In a way, the list is probably more so the easiest to hardest, based on current circumstances.

However, on her first night, she gets a lot done. Theo’s party checks off the first box, and after Becca gives her some instructions on how to kiss, she tries to kiss Theo, but it goes wrong because Alison got her drunk. Now, in terms of drugs, Cameron had weed on him and shared, so there goes another box. However, sex doesn’t happen for her. It does between Cameron and Becca, which is a secret, but not for Mia.

Though the night doesn’t end as some sort of accomplishment for getting halfway through her bucket list as, between vomiting and passing out, Theo calls for an ambulance, leading Mia to fear the worst from her parents.

The F*** It List – Mia, Becca, Will, Cameron

Originally, Mia’s list was not public knowledge. She just wanted to catch up and not get left behind. However, after ending up in the hospital, her friends learn about the list and commit to helping her check off boxes. Whether or not that will all be done in the first season is hard to say, but with a commitment to showing Mia isn’t broken, just needing support, it appears she’ll definitely have some fun times as they catch her up to 7 months.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. The person who directed this episode directed most of “Sex Education.”

Questions Left Unanswered

  1. Is Mia on the bi-sexual spectrum? At least, based on how she was mesmerized by that one girl at Theo’s party?

New Character Description(s)


The eldest of two, Mia has spent the last seven months recovering from an eating disorder, and unfortunately, between her friend Cameron, her parents, and the rehab facility, it seems everyone is aware she went away, and now she is on a quest to bring back some form of normalcy in her life.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Talk To Me.”


Alex is Mia’s little brother.


Rick is Mia’s father, who she is close to.


Viv is Mia’s mother who puts work before her kids, isn’t the most lovey-dovey type of mom, but likely shows love in her own way.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Famalam.”


Cameron is one of Mia’s first friends but was also one of the first to reveal she had an eating disorder. Because of that, they have become slightly distant over the last couple of months, and with how he has changed, it will likely take some effort for them to get back to where they were.


Becca is one of Mia’s closest friends whom Mia leans on heavily to get her caught up, especially since Becca has lived some experiences in Mia’s absence.


Will is Mia’s favorite person since he is gossipy, fun, and overall lovely.


Alison is an uncouth member of Mia’s group who says what she thinks, even when it is by no means appropriate or asked for.


Theo is one of Mia’s crush.

Collected Quote(s)

If you’re gonna do something wrong, do it right.
— Alison

I’ve lost the plot, help me find it before it thickens.
— Mia


Notable Performances or Moments

It Doesn’t Veer Towards Sensationalism

From the legendary “Skins” to now “Euphoria,” it does seem that depictions of teenagers in popular culture has become about drugs, sex, and what some may say are toxic relationships. It’s been a bit of a downhill trend. Now, I wouldn’t say “Everything Now” is the anti, next generation, or any sort of comparison to the aforementioned, but you can see it wants to pursue being a voice for those who may not feel seen.

After all, how often do we get to see a Black young lady dealing with a mental illness, never mind an eating disorder? Heck, seeing two on their coming-of-age journey, to me, is a rare treat, even if Netflix hasn’t put much in the way of marketing behind this show. But with the party introducing the tone of the show not being too wild or presenting the idea everyone lives a life of excess, it seems we’re rooted in something real.

Excellent Lead & Supporting Cast

What also helps is we’re not given a Trojan Horse for a lead character, but someone you want to see focused on and follow. Mia isn’t like Otis, from “Sex Education,” or other lead characters who are reacting to the people around them, and often times the most mundane in the room. Mia is not only going through something but lets us into her thoughts. This narrative device isn’t overused but done just right to build a connection as she speaks to the audience.

I’d even add, regarding her friends and family, enough is pushed for you to get invested in their relationship with Mia, and potentially who they are as individuals down the line. What is Viv’s deal with being an absentee mom? Is it because she has taken on what can be seen as a masculine role in the household, where she is more focused on being a provider while Rick gets to be maternal? What’s her relationship with her mother like?

Then, getting to Mia’s friends, what kind of storyline will we see from Will? Does he live in a “Heartstopper” type world, “Sex Education,” or will it be something darker? Yes, at school and in public, he seems free, but is the same true when he is at home? How about Becca? With exploring sex now, with Cameron at that, where is her head at? Never mind, while we know Cameron didn’t visit, what about her? Did she try, or was there a group effort to move on a bit and just leave Mia to her own devices?

I mean, one thing not really explored, beyond seeing what Mia looked like at rock bottom seven months ago, is what she was like when she was at her worst? From what we’re told, she wasn’t destructive in terms of sex, partying, and drugs, as we usually see, so what triggered her eating disorder, was hiding it well, and considering how much Mia has avoided tropes, can she continue to do so going forward?

On The Fence

Is It A New Coat Of Paint On A Old Story, Or Truly Something Different?

That last sentence is what really matters here. It’s easy to present diversity by showing a person of color, maybe even a queer person of color, in a role often relegated to someone White. However, is it just a different coat of paint, sort of speak, or will it be taken further? Will Mia’s culture, as a bi-racial girl, be brought into the mix? Her experiences as a Black young lady in London?

Heck, depending on how Viv is, could the distance come from her own trauma with weight and beauty, especially as a Black woman who was torn between her mother’s first-hand experience with their culture and her being surrounded by people who don’t look like her?

What I am asking here is, will this be like so many binge-watch shows that present something worth watching in the pilot, only for us to realize, like “The Chosen One,” it is all downhill from here, with a late pop towards the end, to get people to clamor for a second season – when things may finally get good.

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Everything Now: Season 1/ Episode 1 – Overview


Cautiously, we have high hopes for “Everything Now.” It is just that quality shows about the life of teenagers are too often in search of a headline, and sensationalism, and it is hard to tell who the audience is ultimately supposed to be? Adults out of touch? Children curious about what being a teen might be like, or just those who want to see people screw up with few really having to face consequences since they are young enough and sometimes privileged enough, to be given some form of grace?

  • It Doesn’t Veer Towards Sensationalism - 87%
  • Excellent Lead & Supporting Cast - 85%
  • Is It A New Coat Of Paint On A Old Story, Or Truly Something Different? - 78%
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  • Excellent Lead & Supporting Cast
  • It Doesn’t Veer Towards Sensationalism


  • Is It A New Coat Of Paint On A Old Story, Or Truly Something Different?

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