Fridays on HBO been their day to show something different from their Sunday night fare, and “Betty” is no different as it focuses on the daily life of skaters.

Created By Crystal Moselle
Directed By Crystal Moselle
Written By Crystal Moselle, Lesley Arfin
Aired (HBO) 5/1/2020
Genre(s) Comedy, Drama, Young Adult, LGBT
Introduced This Episode
Krit Nina Moran
Janay Dede Lovelace
Camille Rachelle Vinberg
Indigo Ajani Russell
Honeybear Moonbear

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Overview

When you think of skateboarders, usually, Tony Hawk is the first name that comes to mind. Following him, mainstream wise, no one else does. But that’s the problem. If a dude is the center of anything, it doesn’t leave much room for women to follow, especially considering skateboarding was made out to be a guy thing.

However, when it comes to Krit, Janay, and their group, they want to change that. Well, at least in New York. If the world comes later, that’s cool, but the goal is at least give girls an understanding and reason to get on a board and have fun. Damn doing some tricks.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Would it be HBO if the show didn’t start with an image of a white girl’s ass?


It Presents Good Reason For Girls To Get Into Skateboarding

In the episode, Janay talks to a girl named Camille, who hangs out mostly with boys, about being catcalled, if not harassed, by her school’s bus driver. This leads to a conversation about why skateboarding is important for girls. Note, a decent board isn’t expensive, and while it does take a little bit of time to learn, as shown between Krit and a new friend Indigo, it isn’t too hard if someone shows you. Alongside that, it provides freedom.

Take note, bikes are big, bulky, and taking them up and down stairs can be ass. Also, while New York has bike lanes, they aren’t always respected. With a board, you can easily hold it, put it in your backpack, and can either ride in the street, sidewalk or the bike lane. Its versatility is unmatched, and when you combine that with all its other features, customization for one, it is an ideal way of getting around.

It Gives You Something Different

“Skate Kitchen,” of which this is a spin-off from, was released around two years ago and went under the radar. But, what you have to appreciate is HBO making a show doing as HBO usually does, put a lens on the rarely seen lives and illuminate them. Thus making them feel seen and since they don’t have the budget of Netflix, there is a push for quantity over quality so when HBO invests in something, they push for it being top-notch.

So in the case of “Betty,” while this is by far not one of the best shows HBO has released, perhaps shown by the 11PM on Friday time slot, it does give you something different from the network. After all, female skateboarders aren’t seen at this level. Heck, skateboarding, in general, after a good high point in the 90s, maybe 00s, hasn’t had the same highs. So while we wouldn’t call this show a risk, it definitely it unexpected in the best way.

On The Fence

The Trojan Horse

Here is the thing, I’m not saying Krit is, without a doubt, a trojan horse, but she does come off as one. Primarily due to her being this palatable white girl, the kind we’re used to seeing star in HBO shows, and then we see people like Janay, Camille, Indigo, and Honeybear. People who are far more interesting but perhaps more difficult to build a show around. If only due to the issue so many networks have with seemingly not wanting to have too many shows featuring people of color in the starring role(s). Especially women of color, though for this show – specifically Black women.

Which isn’t to make “Betty” seem like “Orange Is The New Black” and pretend it is political or very much about the girls’ cultures, for it isn’t. However, with the way things are, representation, being seen, and not being the old school norms of television, it is a political act now. So even if the one thing you can praise this for is reminding people, New York isn’t dominated by white girls who find ways to exist in a bubble, that’s something.

This Is Definitely A Next Day Viewing Kind Of Show

With it premiering 11PM EST, on a Friday at that, I can’t imagine many setting aside plans to make sure they see this as soon as it premieres. Don’t get us wrong, it is entertaining, but it doesn’t have that WOW factor to make it must-see TV. It’s something to watch Saturday morning with breakfast, maybe lunch, before you run your weekend errands. If not just a show to chill to since it isn’t trying to be anything but the lowkey lives of a bunch of skaters trying to have fun and get through the day.


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First Impression: Optimistic

“Betty” is by no means groundbreaking, and you can see why it isn’t part of HBO’s legendary Sunday lineup. It’s the kind of show released to see if there is an audience for this. “Betty” is the kind of show where, for HBO, and writer/creator/director Crystal Moselle, it is about establishing a relationship and seeing how she does in a different medium. So while worth checking out if you have the time, we won’t say you have to jump onto HBO’s channel, RIGHT NOW, to watch this. It’s chill, it’s good, but it isn’t must-see TV.


This Is Definitely A Next Day Viewing Kind Of Show - 75%
The Trojan Horse - 76%
It Gives You Something Different - 82%
It Presents Good Reason For Girls To Get Into Skateboarding - 86%


while worth checking out if you have the time, we won’t say you have to jump onto HBO’s channel, RIGHT NOW, to watch this. It’s chill, it’s good, but it isn’t must-see TV.

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