Between you knowing a rape is happening and seeing the murder of teens and children, Goblin Slayer doesn’t hold back that much.

Creator Kumo Kagyu
Director(s) Takaharu Ozaki
Writer(s) Hideyuki Kurata, Yōsuke Kuroda
Air Date 10/6/2018
Genre(s) Fantasy, Action
Good If You Like Violent, Graphic Anime

Innocent Protagonist Paired With A Seemingly Callous Killer.

You Not Knowing Where The Line Is.

Noted Actors
Goblin Slayer Umehara Yuuichirou
Onna Shinkan Ogura Yui

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The Introduction

Onna, a 15-year-old priestess decides she wants to become an adventurer. No sooner does she sign up she finds a team, enters a goblin cave and if the person doesn’t end up dead, they end up raped. All but her. Luckily, a man simply known as the Goblin Slayer rescues her and the handful of girls kidnapped seeming to give birth to new goblins.

Yet, despite the trauma experienced on her first outing, Onna wishes to continue. Why? That isn’t answered. However, with the Goblin Slayer as the adventurer’s front desk, it seems she will be his consistent partner during this adventure.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • There are ten ranks of adventurer. Porcelain is the lowest and silver is the highest. From silver, it goes down to platinum and gold. The other levels haven’t been revealed.
  • It seems goblins are the main killers of new

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. There was mention of a demon lord near the capital, so is that not a big deal to them? Are demon lords fairly common?
  2. Just to double check, goblins can reproduce with humans or was the shaman just using humans for a spell or vessel? I’m not familiar with goblin lore to get what was going on.


It’s Really Brutal

Goblin Slayer justifying killing Goblin children.
Goblin Slayer (Umehara Yuuichirou): There isn’t a single reason to let them live.

You may notice on Crunchyroll that they don’t use a rating system. Pretty much it is your job to look up tags and do the research and from there, you’re on your own. With this show, there is a disclaimer. I can’t recall how many times Crunchyroll has used a disclaimer – which they really have no obligation to do so. That’s saying something.

But when you consider we see characters raped, murdered, with blood spurting, and it being clear a lead character is killing kids? Albeit goblin children but kids nonetheless, where else would you find a show that does that? Even Grimgar and Ash, which this is getting compared to a lot, drew a line. It had physical violence and character deaths, but didn’t have goblins raping characters and dragging them into some sex den.

On The Fence

Who Are These People?

Goblin Slayer introduces himself but the only reason I know Onna’s name is by Googling her. Which seemed kind of weird to me yet, at the same time, maybe that was done so you would be led to believe she could die too? After all, we didn’t learn the name of the people who went into that cave or the brawler who was raped, but made it out alive.

But this is only episode one and this blemish is the kind which is acceptable and also allows you to see room for growth. Thus making it appear this won’t peak early like a lot of shows that start things with such a bang.

First Impression: Positive (Watch This)

I feel like, when it comes to anime, often the first episode being so graphic should be taken as a red flag. For example, Juni Taisen (Zodiac War). Yet, despite probably being one of the most graphic anime I’ve seen since Anotherir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=a8c6f39b88692ca5a7568ce19f4c5e38& cb=1539809451319 (though Magical Girl Site‘s early episodes were a bit much), this doesn’t seem like it’ll be all gore and no substance. However, I’ve been wrong before.

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  1. A pretty fair and true assessment of the episode but I really don’t understand yours and so many others obsession with the 3 second rape scene that didn’t even show anything but basically implying that was happening. I guess just the very idea of a character in a fictional story being raped is just too much to handle for the delicate sensibilities of most people today. Are we really so sensitive that depictions of despicable acts in a fictional story is somehow crossing a line? The whole point of this scene and the rest of the episode was to display just how evil and despicable these creatures are without softening it for infantile adults. I’ve seen so much worse than that before in other series so with all the controversy surrounding this opening episode I was expecting something far more graphic.

    1. To me, I think the controversy stemmed from it being unexpected more than anything. Physical violence is the norm but you don’t see a lot of sexual violence in anime. At least, I and seemingly many others haven’t. Hence the reaction for, as named in the recap and in other anime covered on here, I’m used to people getting shot up, their guts being cut out, and violence of that nature. However, women being violated is so rare that I can’t come up with something – especially a show which would be on Crunchyroll. A site which, until this show, I don’t think really put any effort into disclaimers, or even differentiating a basic slice of life anime from something which is more graphic. Even though, compared to what you can easily see in live action, Goblin Slayer didn’t take things as far as it perhaps could.

  2. Just a heads up, the characters don’t have names, ever, any of them. They just get referred to by job title in the source and that was probably one of the oddest things about reading the story is that none of the characters had names, and I will admit seeing it in anime is even weirder but after awhile reading the story I just kind of got over it so I assume the same will happen with watching it.
    That said, I really enjoyed reading the story because the characters, despite being nameless, end up pretty interesting as they grow beyond their basic trope beginnings and we see the connections and relationships between them grow and our knowledge of the world expand. So I’m really looking forward to how the anime plays out because so far it is doing a pretty good job with the source.

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