Title Card - Who Invited Them (2022)
"Title Card - Who Invited Them (2022)," Who Invited Them, directed by Duncan Birmingham, 2022, (Shudder)

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“Who Invited Them” reminds you of the dangers of having a house party where anyone could step into the place you call home.

Director(s) Duncan Birmingham
Screenplay By Duncan Birmingham
Date Released (Shudder) 9/1/2022
Genre(s) Comedy, Crime, Horror
Duration 1 Hour and 20 Minutes
Content Rating Not Rated
Noted Cast
Adam Ryan Hansen
Margo Melissa Tang
Tom Timothy Granaderos
Sasha Perry Mattfeld

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Film Summary

Thanks to getting a really good deal, Adam and Margo have a new home in the hills, with the film focusing on a housewarming party they are having. Said party is a bit lame since Adam is being a tad bit of a show-off, and the people he wanted to be there didn’t show. As for Margo? Honestly, she isn’t fond of being pushed into living in the house without knowing all the details, so she is sulking and hiding out.

But, while the party is lame, the afterparty, featuring Tom and Sasha, is fun. It includes cocaine, couples therapy, and gas lighting. However, it isn’t until it is time to go to bed, and Tom and Sasha don’t take the hint, do things really get interesting.

Things To Note

Reason(s) for Film Rating

  • Dialog: Moderate cursing and suggestive dialog (mainly about violent acts)
  • Violence: People are murdered, shot at, stabbed, and you’ll see dead bodies
  • Sexual Content: None
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking and drug use

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.


Adam is the breadwinner of the house who just wants to experience the spoils of his work and have the status he thinks he deserves.


A former musician who now works at a thrift shop, Margo isn’t happy about the move to an expensive house in the hills and all she has given up for Adam’s benefit.


Tom (Timothy Granaderos) and Sasha (Perry Mattfeld) at the entrance to Adam and Margo's home
“Tom (Timothy Granaderos) and Sasha (Perry Mattfeld) at the entrance to Adam and Margo’s home,” Who Invited Them, directed by Duncan Birmingham, 2022, (Shudder)

Tom says he is a venture capitalist with notable connections. Also, he is someone with a need to improve at golf, and he thinks he and Adam could have a mutually beneficial friendship.


Sasha has a jewelry line, and, like Tom, there is something in her that likes to mess with people a bit to see what gets them and their spouse to tick.


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)


Tom and Sasha

Like any horror movie, the selling point for “Who Invited Them” are our villains, Tom and Sasha. Between Tom’s attempts to feign innocence and become Adam’s friend, to Sasha pushing and enabling the worst in Margo, the two make quite the fun villains. And even when their truth is revealed, they remain comical and strangely likable as the method to their madness is revealed. Which will leave you hoping they’ll make a return if this was to ever get a sequel.

On The Fence

Your Investment In Adam and Margo

Margo (Melissa Tang) and Adam (Ryan Hansen) asking Tom and Sasha to leave
“Margo (Melissa Tang) and Adam (Ryan Hansen) asking Tom and Sasha to leave,” Who Invited Them, directed by Duncan Birmingham, 2022, (Shudder)

In the movie, Tom notes Adam and Margo are neither a good nor a bad couple, and the same can be said about them as characters. While Adam and Margo have established lives as parents and are given backgrounds, they aren’t necessarily the kind of protagonists you latch onto.

Adam’s need to please and his ambitions are notable but don’t inspire you to want to know why he is like this. Margo’s transition from a musician to her main focus being a mom and working at a friend’s thrift shop doesn’t make you wonder why she didn’t try to go from her group to being a solo artist. Never mind, learn about her friend who we see in the film, but mainly in the capacity of getting lost while traveling to Adam’s house.

Put together, Adam and Mango seem like their existence is solely to showcase what Tom and Sasha do far more than to be someone you want to root for as Tom and Sasha push them and test their relationship.

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Title Card - Who Invited Them (2022)
Who Invited Them (2022) – Review/ Summary (with Spoilers)
While our heroes are dry as dirt, Tom and Sasha, the trickster duo not above violence, are the type of characters who you hope Shudder takes advantage of, for there is the potential to build a franchise with them.
Tom and Sasha
Your Investment In Adam and Margo

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