The New Romantic – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

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The New Romantic Ending (Spoilers)

Blake (Jessica Barden) smiling at Jacob.
Blake (Jessica Barden)

Blake is like many a girl. It’s not that she wants it all, the prince charming who rides up on a white horse to whisk her away to some palace. No. All she’d really want is a guy who knows what a date is and doesn’t treat it as an obligation to stick his tongue down her throat and get into her pants. So, upon meeting Morgan, a girl who is a sugar baby, she takes note of her lifestyle.

Mind you, it isn’t because Blake is trying to have a bunch of expensive things bought for her. If anything, Blake seems to want the life of a consistent escort than anything else. That is, things being planned and held to. It’s just, rather than money, she wants experiences. Especially that of Nora Ephron productions – which she loves.

Problem is, the guy who is her sugar daddy, Ian, there comes a point where he just doesn’t do it for her anymore. Maybe it is because this guy at the school newspaper, Jacob, is more age appropriate? It could be because Blake never got comfortable with being given all these lavish things and all she has to offer is company and sex? Heck, maybe it was just the power dynamic of him getting to show up suddenly, take her to someone’s wedding, but she gets a door in her face if she shows up randomly.

Either way, combine all that, and Ian learning a column is being written about him, and that ends their situation. Luckily though, despite knowing about the column from the start, Jacob still seems interested in Blake. So as she sells a diamond bracelet Ian gave her, loses the moped he brought her, and she graduates, it seems Ian will be like many a man in a film like this. Someone who taught her a lot but was not someone worth or willing to be part of the next chapter of her life.

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