The Hate U Give (Movie) – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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The Ending

Starr has long known life ain’t easy. When she was 10 her father decided to drill the Black Panther 10 Point Program into her head and around that age she saw her best friend get shot. Thus leading to her starting at a whole new school in the suburbs to get away from that violence. However, while she changed schools her parents, Maverick and Lisa, didn’t move from the neighborhood where the shooting took place. They stayed. So, to deal with this foreign world at school, she created Starr 2.0. Someone who doesn’t attract much attention, can’t be called hood or ghetto, and perhaps only shows a little bit of her true self to her boyfriend Chris.

However, even with them being together 6 months, it is clear she isn’t willing to give herself completely to him. Not just in a sexual way, but letting him officially meet her family. Her faddy especially. But, Chris becomes one of the last things on Starr’s mind as Khalil, a childhood friend, comes back into her life and they click like they never became distant. They even kiss and while Starr stops Khalil, since she has a boyfriend, he notes he is willing to wait for her.

Sadly, no sooner does he say that, they get pulled over and within minutes, Khalil is shot to death. Thus forcing Starr to experience survivors remorse once more and a serious case of PTSD. Something which isn’t helped by the fact she is given the burden of being the only one who can speak for Khalil. On top of that, some members of her community don’t want her using her voice to uplift and get Khalil justice. One man, King, who used to run the local drug trade with Starr’s dad Maverick, threatens her about speaking.

Yet, there comes a point where she can’t stay silent. She did when her first friend was murdered and while karma took care of that, justice wasn’t served for the living. But, between the police, King, friendships on the brink of ending, and more, so comes the question if Starr is willing to take on the world just by saying she bore witness.

Well, of course, she does. She speaks before a grand jury but there isn’t an indictment. Then, when it comes to King, she dry snitches on live TV so he stalks her, waiting for an opportunity. Which doesn’t come, with her alone, so he goes after Seven, tries to burn them alive in the store, but neither work. Leaving Maverick, trying to end this beef once and for all going for his gun only to find Sekani with it.

Then, because timing is everything, cops show up and have their guns pointed at this kid who Starr points out is a representation of Tupac’s THUG LIFE motto. But, with her stepping in front of him, and the gun being put down, things de-escalate. Leaving us watching King go to jail, for the whole community names him, and Maverick and Lisa deciding to stay put and rebuild.

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