The Girl Allergic To Wi-Fi (Ang babaeng allergic sa wifi) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

54.72% (2)

While, like many Filipino movies which makes it stateside, The Girl Allergic To Wi-fi is a bit cheesy, there is no denying the cute relationship and that it’ll make you cry.

Director(s) Jun Lana
Screenplay By Jun Lana
Date Released 8/21/2019 (Netflix)
Genre(s) Romance, Drama
Good If You Like
  • Sappy Films
  • Cute, PG, Teen Focused Films
Noted Cast
Norma Sue Ramirez
Aries Jameson Blake
Leo Markus Peterson
Macha Angellie Sano
Margaux Adrianna So

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The Girl Allergic To Wi-Fi Ending Explained

Norma with a butterfly on her should which reminds her of Aries.

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Just as Leo is ready to admit he not only cheated on Norma but also gives Aries his blessing to date her, Aries dies in a car accident. Due to that, the possibility of Aries and Norma dies with him. However, the film pushes the idea that Aries may have spoken to God and convinced them to rid Norma of her disease. This is shown by a butterfly that touched his shoulder earlier following Norma the day of his, Aries’, funeral. It even kisses her on the cheek before flying away.

Is A Sequel Possible?

It could, in terms of Leo’s recovery, and being a better person, mixed with Norma learning to be more in the moment – perhaps deal with Margaux face to face. For with us not knowing what happened after Norma, Macha, and Aries made it seem Margaux was gloating over being part of Norma getting an abortion, there is a lot to deal with there. Mind you, the abortion was a lie, which began with Margaux saying Norma disappeared because she was pregnant. But considering we don’t know why Margaux told that lie, there are many things to be answered about why she’d even go that far to besmirch Norma’s name.

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