Stray is a semi-low budget sci-fi film which focuses more on the cop seeking to redeem herself than the powerful girl, and her family.

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Stray (2019) Ending Explained

Jin (Miyavi) turned into a tree.
Jin (Miyavi)

For approximately 10 years Jin was abandoned in China, seemingly left to die just because his Kaisho wasn’t as pure as Nori’s. So, after somehow surviving, he confronts Kyoko and with things seemingly being the same, he kills her and likely kills his grandmother for the same reason. However, while a bit demented, he recognizes none of this is Nori’s fault, so he offers to train her in what he knows and become a family.

However, with being 18 and Jin killing all the family she knew, she decides to turn him in, and this betrayal leads to him deciding she must be killed as well. However, her powers of light and nature seem superior to his darkness and fire. So when they face off, she turns him into what looks like a tree and we discover she perhaps has healing powers too. If not, based on her healing Jake and his team, after Jin takes them out, she might be able to dispel the effects of Jin’s powers.

Does Stray Have Sequel Potential?

It does. When the movie ends Nori is in a taxi, and she has been looking at old photographs. This pushes the idea that maybe she’ll head to China or Japan, the subtitles note they speak Japanese, to learn more about her powers and possibly receive training. If not learn why her people were persecuted and if any remain. Plus, with her known family dead, she is homeless, and she seemingly doesn’t have a job. So, all things considered, what better things does she have to do?

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