State Like Sleep - Title Card
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State Like Sleep Ending Explained (Spoilers)

State Like Sleep - Title Card

While Stefan spent 10 years growing his fame, thanks to a soap opera, with getting cast in an American film, as well as being married to an American, it seemed only right, and he was convinced, to head over to America. The problem with this idea though is his mother, Anneke, wasn’t considered in this plan. She was expected to stay in Europe while her son left, with this American woman, far beyond her grasp.

Now, this was a problem for her in a multitude of ways. First, she had no one else. While Stefan’s father isn’t talked about, it is safe to assume he isn’t in the picture. Secondly, the way Anneke speaks, it’s clear she is possessive when it comes to her son. She is willing to share him enough to not push him away, but only as long as she has access to him, and his money.

Noting Stefan’s money is very important for, like any good child raised in a decent single parent home, Stefan takes care of his mother. Yet, with moving away and talking about her staying at a bed and breakfast if she visits, it may have felt clear to Anneke that Katherine drove a wedge between her and her child. So, seeing Katherine as an issue, Anneke set up Stefan so that he could cause a rift between him and his wife. What she didn’t know though is that by using a photographer to catch Stefan speaking with his therapist, she would tip the dominoes which would lead to his suicide.

For one, being that Stefan was a proud man, a national icon, and seemingly not in any way trying to be an advocate, him seeing a therapist was a secret. The kind of secret that even his wife wasn’t privy to. Following that, there is him learning his mom set this all up and having to cut her off. Something she doesn’t take well. Lastly, it seems between the possible affair, the drinking, the drugs, that was the final straw for Katherine. Which for Stefan was the final straw since she was all he had left.

But, even with understanding why Stefan killed himself, there are a few lingering things to wonder. The first thing is how did Stefan, who had a massive amount of drugs in his system, find a way to even pick up and aim a gun at himself. Also, considering there were two shots, should we just assume he missed the first time and the second one hit its target? Also, considering Emile was the last one to see Stefan alive, possibly, or at least may have been close enough to hear the gunshot, why didn’t he do or say anything?

Yes, Emile owns a club which is secret and deals in sex and drugs. But, considering he is kind of shady, are you telling me he couldn’t get a burner phone? Was he so worried about cops and the press learning his best friend was an addict he’d rather let him die as some kind of false hero? This, for me, remain unanswered.

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