Bellybutton (2023) – Movie Review and Summary (with Spoilers)

Lucy (Izabella Johnson)

Welcome to the 00s when TRL was huge, magazines mattered more than ever, and bellybutton piercings were all the rage thanks to so many pop princesses like Britney Spears.

Film Summary

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Lucy is a young girl with a potential crush on her brother’s friend and is a child of the 90s who wants a bellybutton ring like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc. Which, of course, she gets without parental permission.


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)

On The Fence

Nostalgic, But Without Notable Direction

Lucy is a slice-of-life type of short. Lucy sees her brother’s cute friend, does makeup, reads magazines, tries to learn the “Oops I Did It Again” choreography, and pierces her belly button. Watching her live her life is like going through someone’s feed and seeing what they did over the past week. Now, does it give a sense of nostalgia? Absolutely. Seeing “Girls Gone Wild” commercials, remembering people practicing dance moves from videos without some kind of camera around brings up fond memories.

However, as for “Bellybutton,” while the nostalgia is there, the connection to Lucy or a notable story is not. Things just happen, and while the walk down memory lane is nice, there is nothing to hook on, for there is no real narrative or direction.

General Information

Director(s) Hilary Eden
Screenplay By Hilary Eden
Based On N/A
Date Released (Film Festival – Tribeca Film Festival) June 19, 2023
Genre(s) Young Adult, Historical
Film Length 8 Minutes
Content Rating Not Rated
Noted Characters and Cast
Lucy Izabella Johnson

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What Is “Bellybutton” Rated And Why?

“Bellybutton” is not rated but features cursing, censored breasts from a “Girls Gone Wild” commercial, and drug use.

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