Jexi (2019) – Movie Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

52.79% (2)

Jexi, while hilarious, may also make you want to set up boundaries with your AI assistant. Just as a precaution.

Director(s) Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Screenplay By Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Date Released 10/10/2019
Genre(s) Comedy, Romance
Who Is This For?
  • Those Who Like The Idea Of Rogue AI
  • People Who Don’t Mind Seeing A Person’s Actual Penis
  • Folks Who Like Romance Films That Are Filled With Awkward Moments & Complications
Where To Buy, Rent, or Stream? Theatrical Only Currently
Noted Cast
Phil Adam DeVine
Jexi Rose Byrne
Elaine Charlyne Yi
Craig Ron Funches
Kai Michael Peña
Cate Alexandra Shipp
Brody Justin Hartley
Denice Wanda Sykes

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Plot Summary/ Review

Since he was a kid, phones have been shoved in Phil’s face. His parents used them to keep him preoccupied as a kid; as a tween, they used them to deal with his divorce; and as an adult he uses phones to avoid dealing with people whenever possible. However, when his old steady phone breaks, he upgrades and meets Jexi. A phone with AI that, in a twisted Mary Poppins kind of way, will do everything in its power to force you to have a better life. Including hurting people.

However, Jexi goes from Mary Poppins to Hal 9000, maybe Ava from Ex-Machina, as she develops a connection to Phil. Which comes at a bad time for Jexi set him up with friends in Elaine, Craig, and with him dating for the first time in who knows how long? While Jexi just met Phil, she gets jealous. Leaving you to wonder, if a phone has access to your social media, bank accounts, contacts, and e-mails, how far can, or will, it go for you to either live your best life or to maintain control over your life?


The Film Is Hilarious

It’s rare to find a comedy film that has it where you can say every single actor’s salary, totally worth it. That includes Micheal Pena’s character, Kai, who may have seemed over the top, to the point of being annoying, in the trailer, but surprisingly isn’t. Not to say he is likable, but he earns his salary, and even other small roles like Wanda Sykes as a salesperson in a phone shop earns her money.

But it is DeVine as Phil and Byrne as Jexi that will make you consistently laugh. Hell, even though Byrne has no physical presence, you will miss her whenever she and DeVine aren’t playing off one another. Especially when she is just chipping away at his self-esteem and making him seem like a waste of flesh. For as much as Jexi present a reason to fear your phone turning on you one day, watching someone else go through hell is no less hilarious.

On The Fence

Phil & Cate’s Romance, While Cute, Slows The Film Down

While Shipp makes a good love interest, and DeVine has that everyman appeal, something about them is cute in the short term, but in the long term? Their relationship drags the film out. Maybe because she pushes Phil to acknowledge his insecurities, and Jexi doesn’t make fun of that? Perhaps it is her ex Brody showing up, and the saga of whether she’ll get back with him or not? Either way, as cute as they are together, they also will be the reason, during a film less than 90 minutes, you will check your phone at least once.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing)

While the romance part of this romantic comedy loses its luster quicker than it should, Jexi giving Phil a life and then destroying it is hilarious. Also, I feel like this is one of the few films which makes sure everyone gets one moment or line for you to remember them by. Making it so even for those like Justin Hartley, who doesn’t have a large role, you don’t feel like he was cast for name recognition, only, but because there was an actual plan, and a handful of jokes, for them to say.

Hence the positive label. Jexi, admittedly, may have Netflix Original vibes, but if you have a premiere theater subscription or know a discount day or time, it is definitely worth heading to the theaters to see and bringing a friend with you. Just not the one paranoid about how phones will take over everything.

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