I Want to Eat Your Pancreas – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

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I Want To Eat Your Pancreas Ending Explained (Spoilers)

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas - Title Card

Is A Sequel Possible

Yes and no. Sakura dies, from being stabbed, so she wouldn’t be around in a sequel, epilogue, or OVA. However, considering the movie ends with Haruki trying to befriend Kyoko, there could be him making friends with her, and carrying out the rest of Sakura’s will.

How The Movie Ends

Rather than issues with her pancreas killing Sakura, it is a local serial stabber who gets her right in the chest as she was on her way to see Haruki. Someone whose name isn’t said for a handful of reasons. The first being that he isn’t used to the attention hanging with Sakura brings, so he doesn’t want to further the circulation. Second, with her name meaning cherry blossom and his meaning spring tree, it makes their meeting seem all the more like fate. However, the biggest reason is because him saying her name, or her saying his, it would make what Sakura revealed to him when they first met hurt even more.

So, while he spends his days with her, to the point of her friends and ex getting jealous, they build something which, in the end, she describes as something beyond a relationship or friendship. Leading to a reminder of why the film is named what it is. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas deals with the idea that eating a part of a person means having a bit of their soul in your forever. Yet, while they don’t do more than hug in the film, it is like that warm was getting a bit of each other’s soul. Making it so, when Sakura dies, Haruki still has a part of her.

Hence why, when he decides to speak to Sakura’s best friend Kyoko, one could argue he isn’t just fulfilling Sakura’s long-held wish. IT could also be said that he’s drawn to Kyoko because she too has a piece of Sakura. So, naturally, pieces of her that still exist in the world of the living are drawn to each other and he’d rather they be friends than him living with the feeling that he played a part in her death. Since she was coming to see him when she got stabbed.

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  1. I just hate the fact that it end up into a tragedy like that, instead the director let the female Sakura to be happy.She even suffer more, Sakura being Murder instead of dying doing what he wants. She even didn’t witness that Kyuto and the man see them in her own eyes happy together, it’s very depressing thou, I know the fact that the point of the director the movie that have to be unexpected. I like the movie but I didn’t like the fact that the director, just allow that to happen to Sakura, the pain of the man is nothing compare to Sakura that being murder. It could be more success movie if only the Director of I want to eat your pancreas. Didn’t let Sakura being murder it would be a happy bit painful movie.
    I love anime but somehow I don’t like the idea of Japanese director to allow characters to suffer that hard and much much much, dying in peace isn’t so Bad after all But that moment that you see that Sakura killed rather than die is very disappointing.

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