Dutch II: Angel’s Revenge – Movie Review and Summary

With less characters to keep track of and the eponymous Angel taking lead, “Dutch II: Angel’s Revenge” is an improvement but follows familiar beats.

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Title Card - Dutch II Angel's Revenge

Plot Summary

Starting off just after the events of “Dutch,” thanks to Detective O’Neil being discovered as a dirty cop, Zoom and Angel get out of prison. With Dutch gone, assumed dead, a new kingpin has come about named Roll, and while Zoom wants peace, Angel wants to return to the top of the mountain. Throw in a federal agent named Diana Merreti, and the battle for Newark becomes a bloodbath.

Content Information

  • Dialog: Cursing
  • Violence: Blood, Gun Violence Torture,
  • Sexual Content: Nudity, Sexual Situations
  • Miscellaneous: Depiction of Corpses, Drinking, Smoking

General Information


Salvatore Sclaeni

Screenplay By

Manny Halley

Based On Work By

Kwame Teague, Teri Woods

Date Released

January 18, 2024

How To Watch

BET Plus


Action, Crime, Drama

Film Length

1 Hour 48 Minutes

Content Rating

Rated TV-MA

Noted Characters and Cast


Markice Moore


Rocsi Diaz


Jamal Woolard

Diana Merreti

Emma Nagata

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.

Zoom (Markice Moore)

With nearly dying before being locked up, Zoom has decided to give himself over to Allah. But, while a religious man who wants peace and the removal of drugs and gang activity in his community, Zoom has the habit of tapping into who he is as he tries to get people to embrace who he wants to appear as.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Point Blank.”

Angel (Rocsi Diaz)

Plagued by abuse since she was a child, Angel is more than someone with a chip on her shoulder. She is just someone who became hardened because that was the only way to survive. So, while she may have gotten out of prison, with no sign that other crimes she could have been convicted for haunting her, Angel decides to go to the type of work she knows and uses her and Dutch’s old playbook to get back what’s hers.

Roll (Jamal Woolard)

Roll took over the streets after Dutch’s disappearance or death, depending on who you ask, but in Angel’s mind, he is just a placeholder for her return.

Diana Merreti (Emma Nagata)

Diana is an FBI agent who, with losing cops due to the alleged terrorist attack orchestrated by Dutch, wants to personally take him down. However, with Dutch assumed dead, she is pushed to move on but refuses as she can’t just let this situation go.


Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

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  1. Which is your favorite Angel, the one from the original “Dutch,” the one from the “Angel” series, or the Angel from “Dutch II?”


An Improvement On The First Movie

In the original “Dutch,” because it was trying to establish who is who as adults and show us some as kids and teens, then throw in the Italian mob, lawyers, and more, there was a lot going on. In “Dutch II,” things get stripped down, and following the release of “Angel,” it seems the character who got a proper build-up got to be more in the forefront.

Now, unfortunately, the actress who plays Angel in “Angel” and Angel in the “Dutch” trilogy are two different actresses, now three with this entry. On top of that, while this is a direct sequel to “Dutch,” this references “Angel” only through Milk appearing, not by following up on where the mini-series left off.

Yet, even with that said, “Dutch II: Angel’s Revenge” by focusing on less characters, making it clear this isn’t a massive ensemble but based on the collision course Angel and Zoom are on, with so many as potential collateral damage, feels more tightly focused and an improvement on the original.

I’d even say, the loss of Dutch as a lead is negligible because of how Angel and others step up and show out thanks to the change in writers.

On The Fence

The Way This Trilogy Is, You’ll Question Why Wasn’t It a Mini-Series

“Angel” the series is being brought up repeatedly because it shows what “Dutch” could be. The negative things we’re saying or implying about the first movie could have been solved by having multiple episodes vs. one movie. The same goes for the movies of the franchise.

Yes, Angel holds it down, and her war with Roll and Zoom makes the film. But, the way the films end are consistently with a cliffhanger that gives you, “And tune in next week!” vibes. Yet, the gap between the first film and second were two years and while “Angel” was in between, that too was left on the type of ellipsis which is frustrating.

It almost feels like BET/Paramount wasn’t willing to give this enough money to have a “Power” type franchise with multiple shows going on at once, so they settled for movies. The kind which, while satisfying because of the performances, can be frustrating for you can see, want, and desire so much more than what is ultimately delivered.

Good If You Like

  • Crime dramas with a notable female lead


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Dutch II: Angel’s Revenge – Movie Review


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)

“Dutch II: Angel’s Revenge” may benefit from focusing on Angel, the clear breakout of the franchise, but things continue to feel rushed and like this story is being wasted in a movie trilogy when it should be either one TV series or multiple series.

  • An Improvement On The First Movie - 83%
  • The Way This Trilogy Is, You’ll Question Why Wasn’t It a Mini-Series - 74%


  • An Improvement On The First Movie


  • The Way This Trilogy Is, You’ll Question Why Wasn’t It a Mini-Series

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