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Point Blank somehow has car chases, bullets, and corrupt cops yet doesn’t present much of a thrill despite all that.

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Point Blank somehow has car chases, bullets, and corrupt cops yet doesn’t present much of a thrill despite all that.

Director(s) Joe Lynch
Screenplay By Adam G. Simon
Date Released 4/12/2019
Genre(s) Action, Thriller
Good If You Like
  • Corrupt Cops v. Criminals
  • An Innocent Man Dragged Into The Shallows Of The Criminal Underworld
Isn’t For You If You
  • Want To Fear For Any Characters Life
  • Don’t Want To Watch Something Which Feels Predictable
Noted Cast
Paul Anthony Mackie
Taryn               Teyonah Parris
Big D Markice Moore
Abe Frank Grillo
Mateo Christian Cooke
Regina               Marcia Gay Harden

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Point Blank Plot Summary & Review

In Cincinnati, Ohio, Paul was just a regular nurse, working his way to being a doctor, waiting on his wife, Taryn, to give birth. However, he gets assigned a man named Abe, who is an accomplished murderer. One who usually takes out a local drug dealer’s, Big D’s, enemies. However, now he has stumbled into a world of corrupt cops and crooked government officials and is not only pinned as their fall guy, but he took something which could bring their world crashing down. So, Unlucky for Paul, Abe’s brother, Mateo, finds Taryn, and him, kidnaps Taryn, and forces Paul to get his brother Abe away from those who seek to kill him.


It’s A Decent Popcorn Movie

While the story and action aren’t all that, if you just want to watch something to kill time or for a hangout, this is a good movie for that. Mackie and Grillo make a decent combo, one which subverts the needs to joke about their differences, and Mackie plays a good “I don’t know what is going on and wasn’t prepared, yet I somehow seem trained for this.”

Add in a reasonable amount of car chases, a weak but okay twist, and the comic relief known as Big D, and you got something good for staying at home and chilling.

The Fact That, Even Though Pregnant, Taryn Was A Fighter

Taryn (Teyonah Parris) being held against her will.
Taryn (Teyonah Parris)

You have to love, with women being written to be less and less damsels in distress, they are being allowed to be badasses in a multitude of ways. Take the fact Taryn was elbowing people in the face, trying to knock them out, and not just being this woman held hostage to make Paul vulnerable. There is a certain amount of appreciation that should be given for it shows that pregnancy does not mean you are suddenly delicate and defenseless. Despite a whole human growing in you, about to destroy your groin area, as Taryn shows, you can still defend yourself.

On The Fence

The Twist Happens Too Early On

Rather than build to the twist and complicate things, the film, less than halfway through, pretty much takes an F it approach and just reveals the truth. With that, there is a sudden spike in energy as people start dying who have names and are recognizable actors. However, once that high comes down, the film plummets. At least if you are looking for this movie to be exciting, something which would keep your eyes peeled to the screen, and the type of action film you can brag about.

Point Blank Overall: Mixed (Divisive)

Available on Netflix

While not necessarily a run of the mill action movie, at the same time Point Blank doesn’t offer anything which won’t lead to this being lost amongst Netflix’s database. For despite quality performances, the story is serviceable, the twist is delivered too early on, and while Big D is comical, he also seems out of place considering the tone the movie had before he appeared.

Yet, this is being labeled divisive since you won’t have an issue sitting through the movie. Also, any complaints that can be made are minor. But if you are snobbish or a connoisseur of movies, especially action titles, this one definitely won’t be in your top anything. Maybe not even your top Anthony Mackie movies.

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Point Blank Ending Explained & Commentary (with Spoilers)

From what we are told, Regina was at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to this whole corruption thing. Yet, be it blackmail, following status quo or she found it lucrative, Regina went along with what everyone was doing and worked her way up. Well, at least high enough to have a minor team. Enough people to kill the DA, who was investigating her and others, but not so far up that killing her would destroy all corruption in Cincinnati. Big D is given the flash drive for that and considering he has illegal activities, more than likely he may use that information to protect himself or network.

But, with not having that flash drive comes Abe’s freedom. For with Mateo dead, due to Regina’s accomplice, and his parents also dead, there is nothing holding him. But, we are shown a government vehicle trailing him.

As for Paul? Well, despite killing a cop and helping a known fugitive, it seems he strangely got to keep his normal life. Mind you, it isn’t like Paul isn’t seen on a recording helping Abe, much less that he couldn’t have been reported for stealing a co-worker’s badge. So we’re left to assume the cops thought Abe coerced him to do everything and so he got let off. At least, considering Paul is not in jail or with an ankle bracelet a year later, that is the safest bet.

Regina (Marcia Gay Harden) with Paul's wife, threatening to kill her.
Regina (Marcia Gay Harden)

Is A Sequel Possible?

Yup. Abe is still alive and with Big D likely not giving up that flash drive, and Regina committing suicide over being hauled in, that means there remains many corrupted officials. Much less, as noted above, one is trailing Abe at the end of the movie. So nothing is keeping Abe from working his way up the ladder, getting shot up, and heading to Paul’s home to get fixed up. Leading to the possible plot for Point Blank 2.

Available on Netflix

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It’s A Decent Popcorn Movie - 80%
The Fact That, Even Though Pregnant, Taryn Was A Fighter - 81%
The Twist Happens Too Early On - 70%


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