Bumblebee – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

Bumblebee is a bit forceful in trying to get you emotional, but the action is just what you’d expect from a Transformers movie.

Bumblebee is a bit forceful in trying to get you emotional, but the action is just what you’d expect from a Transformers movie.

Director(s) Travis Knight
Written By Christina Hodson
Date Released 12/21/2018
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Good If You Like The Transformers series
Noted Cast
Charlie Hailee Steinfeld
Memo Jorge Lendeborg Jr.
Bumblebee Dylan O’Brien
Optimus Prime Peter Cullen
Shatter Angela Bassett
Dropkick               Justin Theroux
Agent Burns John Cena

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Bumblebee‘s Plot (Ending on 2nd Page)

It’s 1987 in Brighton Falls, CA and 17 years old Charlie is still mourning the loss of her father and dealing with her mother moving on and starting something new. Luckily, to distract her, she has the car she has long been working on, her job, and this kid next door, Memo, who has a thing for her. But, life gets a whole lot more interesting when Bumblebee crash lands on Earth. Unfortunately, with one Decepticon in tow but after a hard-fought battle, Bumblebee gets away. But, with him not snitching on Optimus Prime’s plan, he pays for that with losing his voice and being so damaged he has to shut down.

Fast forward some days, weeks, maybe months, he is discovered by Charlie. Someone who is given him, when in love bug form, by a man she calls her uncle. However, what she doesn’t realize, until she takes him home and looks under Bumblebee’s body, is that he is no normal car. Leading to, for a while, her just getting to know him and some fun times. But, thanks to Bumblebee’s curiosity, Shatter and Dropkick, two Decepticon scouts, learn of his whereabouts and trick the US Government into giving them his exact coordinates. Leaving you to wonder can the youngest Autobot survive when two more experienced soldiers both hunt and take him on?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • There wasn’t a post-credits scene, in the form of hinting to a sequel. It was just a behind the scenes video.


Though It Takes A While To Warm Up, About Halfway It Gets Funny & By The End You May Cry

Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) hugging Bumblebee.
Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld)

A good part of this film is Charlie beating it into you that she is sad and looks alternative because her dad died and life hasn’t been the same ever since. Yet, when it comes toCharlie’s relationship with Bumblebee, that is the one which will wear you down to the point you can’t help get a little misty. Mainly because you see he reminds her what it means to have a family who is there for you thick and thin. Which, in return of his love, she gave him a voice after a Decepticon stole his ability to speak for himself.

Thus leading you to get a bit teary towards the end but before that? That is the source of a lot of the funny moments. Be it Bumblebee playing random records to express himself, Bumblebee, like a dog, comically trying to understand Charlie’s commands, and then add in what Memo brings to the table? Oh, you will at least giggle once or twice.

Memo Isn’t an Instant Love Interest

I know what you’re thinking, “Surely, Memo goes through this whole movie with Charlie and his reward for staying by her side is a girlfriend right?” Eh, not so much. They have cute moments, he shows potential, but we’re reminded that one of the most important relationships in Charlie’s life, her dad’s, ended abruptly. So her just suddenly going from frustrated about that, her mom’s new family, and life in general, to being someone’s girlfriend? Especially considering she nearly dies multiple times being there for Bumblebee? It is just too much too soon. Not that she rejects him but, all things considered, would dating be on your brain if you just hung out with a robot alien and helped it wage battle?

The Action

A Decepticon on its way to whoop Bumblebee's ass.

Speaking of battle, I so wish this was in 3D or IMAX. Though the action scenes didn’t dominate the movie, as past Transformers movies had it, they were built up to in such a way which was quite epic. Mind you, sort of like most action movies, where all the talking made it so when something happened, you were hyped, but not as bad as usual.

Dialog aside, as with anything with Michael Bay’s name attached, you’ll get all your explosions and destruction. You just got to wait a little bit in between those big-time moments.

On The Fence

John Cena

What you have to appreciate with John Cena is he found his niche. While he looks like a big-time action hero, he has found a dry comedic style which works for him. The problem is, with this movie, he is made to be so corny that sometimes it feels like he is delivering dad jokes. Fun example, the US government, because the cold war is going on, decides to help Dropkick and Shatter right? The joke Cena delivers deals with the fact they both are literally named Decepticons so he questions why are they helping them?

It’s jokes like that he delivers and while they tickle you a bit, you can understand why the word “corny” is used.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing) | Get Tickets On (Fandango)

Bumblebee (Dylan O'Brien) in Charlie's garage.
Bumblebee (Dylan O’Brien)

While there is a curse word or two, Bumblebee seems like a fun movie that the kids will be in awe of, teens think is kind of funny, and may inspire some nostalgia out of the adults. Mind you, this is by no means a masterpiece, but when has a Transformers movie ever fit that description? All that matters is it is fun, got a handful of jokes, big explosions and human actors who know they are just a ends to a means for the real hook are the Transformers. Which this film knows.

Hence the positive label. Bumblebee takes a step back from previous Transformers movies and tries to keep it to the basics. One of your favorite characters vs. Decepticons. Add in a human who discovers and befriends them, some emotional moments between the two, and a lot of metallic ass being kicked. What more could you expect or ask for?

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