Bad Seeds (Mauvaises Herbes) – Summary/ Review (With Spoilers)

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Bad Seeds Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Bad Seeds (Mauvaises herbes) - Title Card

Okay, what happened was that Karim, after seeing Frank rough up Ludo, he decided to lay a trap for him. Now, it isn’t 100% clear if the counterfeit money thing was a real operation, but the money Frank gave Wael was real. Leading to Wael working with Monique to take Frank down so he would not only lose his job but stop harassing Ludo and forcing him to make money for him.

As for the others? Thanks to Wael recounting his friend Joseph, who hung himself, or was hung, after being molested, he knew something was wrong with Shana. Someone who was molested as a child and took the brunt of the abuse so their siblings wouldn’t. However, she never told anyone for she thought she wouldn’t be believed. Yet, with Wael believing and encouraging her, she tells her mom who she says, by text message, believes her.

Leaving one last thing: Sarah. Like Frank, Sarah checks into Wael’s background, since apparently you just need to know people to do that. So, despite him being a bit dodgy, between Nadia liking him, and him being honest, it seems she warms up to him. Even to the point that, as Victor and Monique go on vacation, she takes care of Wael after the thorough ass whooping Frank gave him – before the cops stopped him from killing Wael.

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