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In this dark romantic comedy, a man on the edge finds himself pulled back by this person who nearly was his adopted sister.

Director(s) Jason James
Written By Jason Filiatrault
Date Released 5/19/2017
Genre(s) Comedy, Drama, Romance
Good If You Like Movies Starring Someone Mentally Ill

Manic Pixie Dream Girls

Noted Cast
Ben Thomas Middleditch
Tabby Diana Bang
Hannah Jess Weixler

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Entanglement‘s Summary (Ending on 2nd Page)

Ben is somewhere around 30 and his life, when we meet him, has hit rock bottom. His wife has left him, he had an episode at work and was fired, and his car gets stolen. Mind you, it gets stolen as he is trying to use the fumes from it to commit suicide. So, without the fumes, he cuts himself and decides to die in his tub. That is until the bell rings and he decides to go downstairs, while bleeding out, to sign for a parcel.

Fast forward 6 months and Ben is in therapy and trying to recover. His neighbor Tabby, who has a key to his apartment, and has lowkey been stalking him for who knows how long, tries her best to look after him. However, with him trying to figure out where it all went wrong, he decides to look into his long lost sister. Someone whose existence he only learns about after his dad nearly dies of a heart attack.

Thus leading to a story in which Ben invests everything in the idea that if this woman, Hannah, was in his life, maybe he would have been happier.


Weixler and Middleditch Together

Hannah (Jess Weixler) and Ben (Thomas Middleditch) having a day at the park.
Hannah (Jess Weixler) and Ben (Thomas Middleditch)

You know when two actors have the kind of chemistry you want them to repeatedly work together? That is what Weixler and Middleditch have. While I do believe Weixler could be classified as a manic pixie dream girl, as the same time it is established that is what Ben needs. He needs someone fun and different to get his mind off things and Weixler plays up that dream, perhaps a lot of guys have. Yet, there remains something about her which seems like she isn’t wholly made for Ben.

Finding Ways To Survive

Dancing around some spoilers, what you have to appreciate is how Ben’s depression is addressed. Him attempting suicide isn’t made to play up the idea of the choice being easy at all. He has lost the things which made his life worth living. His parents aren’t the kindest of people, though they mean well, and with the way Tabby talks, and the way Hannah acts, it becomes clear the hole Claire left was like getting hit with a shotgun blast.

So him looking into therapy, hallucinating at times, it really shows you all the things the mind tries to do to keep itself alive. At least until something, or someone, comes around to give it a break.

On The Fence


Tabby (Diana Bang) talking about how much it affected her to find Ben, when he tried to commit suicide.
Tabby (Diana Bang): When you almost died, I almost died.

While Tabby means well with all she does for Ben, there is a slight creep factor. For one, she mentions how she used to watch Ben and his ex-wife Claire when they were together. Following that, while Ben surely appreciates her coming downstairs to save his life, what follows is a slight red flag. Take her using the key given, for emergencies, to just randomly go into his apartment and seemingly clean up sometimes. With Ben making it seem, low-key, he is creeped out by this but with no other friends, and a iffy family dynamic, he doesn’t say much about what Tabby does for she is a crutch.

Leaving you kind of mixed on how to see Tabby. Is she a good friend, who clearly wants something more, or a stalker who found the perfect opportunity to infiltrate Ben’s life? But, unlike most stalkers, she isn’t crazy and obsessed in a way which would scare ben off.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive) | Purchase, Rent or Get Merchandise On (Amazonir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=e6a1c3a5d0ef05c70e3330e8e2fdfd14& cb=1545787463593) | Currently on Netflix

The thing is about Entanglement, while likable, and you have to love Weixler and Middleditch together, it just doesn’t have that oomph which makes it something you gotta see. It’s your usual cute, kind of weird romantic comedy. The kind you’d have to seek out to find because it would never get any real kind of funding. But, with that said, if you like weird films like this, it might be for you. However, if a guy hallucinating, who is a suicidal – but going to therapy, isn’t’ for you? Well, you probably won’t enjoy this.

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