At First Light – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

At First Light, perhaps in trying to blend genres, may not be the best sci-fi movie, nor romance, but it’s a likable enough watch.

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At First Light, perhaps in trying to blend genres, may not be the best sci-fi movie, nor romance, but it’s a likable enough watch.

Director(s) Jason Stone
Written By Jason Stone
Date Released 12/27/2018
Genre(s) Sci-Fi
Good If You Like Movies Dealing With Possible Aliens

Teen Drama Mixed In With Your Sci-Fi

Noted Cast
Sean Théodore Pellerin
Oscar Percy Hynes White
Grandma Janet Laine Green
Cal Said Taghmaoui
Kate Kate Burton
Alex Stefanie Scott

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At First Light‘s Plot Summary (Ending on 2nd Page)

It has been a while now since Sean, and Oscar’s mom left, and their grandma got sick. But, since then, they’ve figured out ways to survive. One way includes pawning their mom’s jewelry. Something that is done to handle paying for their grandmother’s meds, for food, and so Sean can live a little. For example, being able to join one of his friends at a local party. It is there he sees his old friend Alex who he hasn’t seen since his world went to hell. She is friendly, he is reserved, mostly because it is clear she has moved on.

However, with things stable now, he’d like to pick up where they left off. Unfortunately for him, there is still is a bit of awkwardness due to him cutting Alex out of his life rather abruptly. But, whatever conflict that existed seems not to be a factor later that night. For after going swimming, in a restricted area, with her boyfriend, something happens to Alex. Leaving her, with her memories fuzzy, and just having Sean’s number on her forearm, turning to him for help. Thus potentially changing their lives forever.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why did Sean and Oscar’s mom leave? Also, where is their dad?
  2. What was Grandma sick with exactly?
  3. So, no one tried to call Sean besides Oscar – one time?
  4. Considering how nice Kate was, why did Cal leave the military? Was he part of a different division or was the side of Kate we saw her when she was trying to be kind?


It’s A Breezy Film To Watch

Sean (Theodore Pellerin) and Alex (Stefanie Scott) after Alex pushes him out a window but breaks their fall with her gravitational powers.
Sean (Theodore Pellerin) and Alex (Stefanie Scott)

While at its heart a sci-fi, nothing about this film is overly complicated. The sci-fi element, Alex getting possessed or merging with some alien form, is just used as a plot device. In a way, it wipes out a lot of the bad things which has happened in Sean’s life thus far and resets what could be undone. Thus allowing him to have his grandma back, at least for now, and getting back the girl he had a huge crush on for quite some time.

Well, some form of the girl he knew.

On The Fence

The Film Didn’t Explain Too Much

Sean (Theodore Pellerin) looking towards Alex as she is taken away.
Sean (Theodore Pellerin)

When it comes to the glowing life forms, not a lot is said. We’re told they are likely from the big bang, but no one knows anything. The lack of information is frustrating for considering how Alex being around grandma made a nearly catatonic woman now spry and lively, that was weird. Also, considering how being around Alex nearly kills Sean, it makes you wonder what kind of radiation is she emitting? Is it the kind humans use to kill cancer or is it the closest thing that we’ve discovered to this, energy, is radiation?

While, for the most part, this film can be seen as rather simple, it does leave room to ask you questions. Many of which could only be answered in a sequel.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive) | Available on Netflix

At First Light is cute. It won’t necessarily challenge the way you think or features a complex plot. It just has this nice guy who, because he still has feelings for this girl, risks his life to accompany her, attempt to protect her, from unknown and military forces. Thus giving us a film which isn’t sappy enough to be considered a romance, technical enough to be regarded as a strong sci-fi, and despite Sean’s background, and part of Alex’s, it can’t be seen as a drama.

Hence the mixed label. Though a quick watch, and it has some adorable moments, this is a forgettable film. One which sets up the possibility for a sequel that could be interesting, yet I don’t know if it would be in great demand.

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