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Avengers: Endgame – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Community Rating: 97.14% (87)


The Comedic Moments

While Tony and his daughter have very cute and comical moments with one another, Thor takes the cake. For if it isn’t people making him the butt of the joke with gaining weight, post-snap, it is him being his usual silly, if not straight up goofy, self. But, surprisingly, at least for me since I skipped the Ant-Man movies, Scott gets a few moments too. Nothing to convince me to backtrack and watch Ant-Man, but enough for you to see him as an asset.

What Everyone Sacrificed

A lot of the film is a reminder of what was lost not just due to Thanos, but because each character decided to become a hero rather than focus on themselves. Tony didn’t get to have a kid with Pepper before the snap since there was always something going on. Natasha and her various possible love interest didn’t go anywhere since there was always a world to save. And while we don’t see her kiss or have more than a sibling relationship with either Steve or Bruce, as you see her still man the Avengers base post snap, you realize as much as the Avengers, specifically Nick Fury, provided her with a family, it also gave her a distraction. An unending purpose that has become her reason to live.

It Really Feels Like The End

With us seeing characters Tony sacrifice himself, Captain America go to the past, to return the stones and prevent a dark timeline, and decide to age, it really hits you this is the end. Yet, before you end up in tears, we are reminded of all who were on this journey with us, be it Jane and Thor’s mother, Tony’s father, or the many people who attend Tony’s funeral in the end. This combination gives us the first period in the MCU rather than an ellipsis.

For it is in that last fight with Thanos, those last ten or so minutes when it is clear we won’t see those two again except in flashbacks. These characters you’ve given years of your life to, sat in a filled theater with people who yell and make comments that add nothing to the experience, they are no more. They exist now the same way they do for their peers – only in your memory.

Leaving you with tears in your eyes and feeling strange for crying over characters who could honestly be brought back if the money was right.

The MCU Women Have A Moment

During the final battle with Thanos, nearly all of the women of the MCU who fight are given a titular moment of keeping Thanos from undoing all the work they and the men did. Leaving you feeling, as much as it isn’t clear what phase 4 may bring with Thanos no longer being the villain they are building up to a diverse universe. One which will have the women play stronger roles and this nod to the ones currently in the MCU just an acknowledgment before they truly get their due justice.

On The Fence

While It Uses The Three Hours Well, It Makes You Hope They Don’t Make This A Habit

From venturing into the past, establishing what happened after the snap for some, and going five years post snap, the movie, as noted makes it so you feel the weight of this being the end. With that said, I hope this doesn’t become a habit. Like the after credit scene trend, and the formula the movies of the MCU have long had, which DC tried to replicate, let’s just hope three hours is a one and done thing until it can be justified again.

If only because it makes it so you can’t really eat out of fear you’re going to have to go just when something good happens. Add in the movies usually being sold out and it makes for an awkward entrance and exit.


Black Widow’s Death

Part of the goal of the movie is getting the stones before Thanos does. That means for the infamous soul stone, there had to be a sacrifice. The problem is, they had two of the least interesting characters go for it. On one side we have Hawkeye and the other side Natasha.

Now, with meeting Clint’s family, there is a reason to want him to live since he has kids. But then when it comes to Natasha, well you realize she is expendable. Yes, she has held it down for women being represented on the team for a long time but now there are multiple women who honestly are more interesting than her. Yeah, most of them don’t have a personality which matches most of the men, in terms of charisma, but Natasha opened the door and served her purpose.

Making it so, her dying more so produced a hunch than a single tear. Well, that and the question of whether her planned movie will be an origin story? One I’m sure many might be looking forward to but I feel her death undercuts it.

Captain Marvel Falls Flat

While I like Brie Larson, something about her in the MCU feels off. Maybe it is her humor or lack thereof. Perhaps it is because she seems overpowered and while that leads to a few cool moments, like Thanos headbutting her and her not flinching, largely it makes her seem like she isn’t written to have the same oomph or meaning as everyone else. Heck, even taking note of how the women of the MCU, the ones who get to kick ass, are mostly dry, Captain Marvel takes it to a level which makes her a buzz kill. Leading to her limited appearance in the film, something you, unfortunately, feel the need to be thankful for. Since, outside of kicking ass and using her powers, she doesn’t give much else to hoot and holler for.

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The main reason this is being labeled positive is solely because it truly felt like an end of an era. Unlike the rest of the mashup movies, with either one or most of the MCU, this truly felt like the end of a phase. Characters are likely to never be seen again, and you have no choice but to accept that. An idea which is frustrating to the point of tears yet, like with the soul stone, you recognize that in order for the MCU to continue, some characters have to pass the torch either by hand or due to death. Otherwise, the mildly irritating issues of the MCU now will eventually become unfixable due to the same snark, the same dry wit of people we’ve grown far too accustomed to still being focal points.Which isn’t to say some, like Captain Marvel, seem geared to pick up where they left off, but others like Peter Parker do seem ready to give you a reason to remain committed, even as new characters you never heard of are introduced.

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