Avengers: Endgame – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

As Phase 3 comes to an end, both casual and hardcore fans are reminded of the power of the MCU and that this is, in fact, the Endgame.

Director(s) Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Screenplay By Stephen McFeely, Christopher Markus
Date Released 4/25/2019
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Good If You Like The MCU

Wanted The Film To Truly Feel Like A Ending

Isn’t For You If You Aren’t Ready To Say Goodbye

Really Want The Women Of The MCU To Have More Than Just A Moment Or Two

Noted Cast
Thanos Josh Brolin
Thor Chris Hemsworth
Captain Marvel Brie Larson
Tony Robert Downey Jr.
Pepper Potts Gwyneth Paltrow
Natasha Scarlett Johansson
Bruce Mark Ruffalo
Nick Fury Samuel L. Jackson
Peter Parker Tom Holland
Scott Lang
Paul Rudd

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Avenger’s Endgame Plot Summary (with Limited Spoilers on Page 1, But In Full On Page 2)

5 years past and the loss to Thanos is a crushing one. Yet, some try to hold onto the past, and others just want to forget it. However, hope arrives in an unexpected hero who comes up with an idea which might just work. The problem is though, in 5 years some truly did move on and becoming an Avenger once more could mean sacrificing the new life they built for themselves. Yet, for that person, they realize that others have lost many and they too lost people who were more than a member of the team, but like family.

So, it is decided, using the one shot they are told each have to change the future, they will do their best to undo what Thanos did. Not knowing that Thanos is well prepared and technically had a backup.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Decent Pee Breaks (If you need to do more, you’re screwed)
    • When they go to New Asgaard: You’ll miss a lot of comical Thor moments, but not much else
    • When The Movie Goes To Tokyo: You’ll miss seeing what Hawkeye has been up to and possibly some of the early planning talks to change the future.
    • When They Go to 2012 New York: If you saw the original Avengers, it’s a replay of that with new scenes added in so that certain Avengers can try to get certain stones.
    • 1970s New Jersey: After Stan Lee’s final cameo, if you are more into action than tear jerky moments, you can probably run to the bathroom and back and get the gist of what happened as long as you’re done in a few minutes.
    • Everything beyond that pretty much are the reasons you probably paid to see the movie.


Thor’s Comedic Moments

While Tony, including a new sidekick for him, have their moments, as do a handful of other characters, Thor is the only one who consistently is cracking jokes or is the butt of jokes.

What Everyone Sacrificed

A lot of the film is a reminder of what was lost not just due to Thanos, but because each character decided to become a hero rather than focus on themselves. In doing so, even with these characters being fictional, you get to understand the full extent of their sacrifice. That they put their families aside or on the line, fought intergalactic battles and some risked life or limbs just for people they never met.

It Really Feels Like The End

It is surprisingly hard to dance around spoilers, but I will say this: The end feels much more like a period than how previous phases ended with what felt like an ellipsis. Which seems weird since we know a lot of those who were gone in the snap have movies planned. Yet, as we come to the last ten or so minutes, it really does hit you certain characters are done. Some which you expected, but others which may come as a surprise. And with you putting multiple years into seeing that character, watching them in life and death situations, either seeing them die or it being implied hits you harder than you may expect.

The MCU Women Have A Moment

It isn’t 100% clear what phase 4 will mean for the MCU, but if one thing is clear, it is that it won’t be the same boys club it once was. This is hinted to in a battle with Thanos and while the men get most of the meat of the film, the nod to the women who kicked ass alongside them felt only right.

On The Fence

While It Uses The Three Hours Well, It Makes You Hope They Don’t Make This A Habit

From venturing into the past, establishing what happened after the snap for some, and going five years post snap, the movie, as noted makes it so you feel the weight of this being the end. With that said, I hope this doesn’t become a habit. Like the after credit scene trend, and the formula the movies of the MCU have long had, which DC tried to replicate, let’s just hope three hours is a one and done thing until it can be justified again.


For One Character Who This Is Endgame For, You May Not Have Much Of An Emotional Response

Part of the goal of the movie is getting the stones before Thanos does. That means for the infamous soul stone, there had to be a sacrifice. The problem is, the one who gets sacrificed, their death doesn’t feel as big as it should. Maybe because the person hasn’t been that built up so it’s easy to hunch off. But, either way, while an unfortunate death it was also a toss away.

Captain Marvel Falls Flat

While I like Brie Larson, something about her in the MCU feels off. Maybe it is her humor, or lack thereof. Perhaps it is because she seems overpowered and while that leads to a few cool moments, like Thanos headbutting her and her not flinching, largely it makes her feel like she isn’t written to have the same oomph or meaning as everyone else. Heck, even taking note of how the women of the MCU, the ones who get to kick ass, are mostly dry, Captain Marvel takes it to a level which almost makes her a buzz kill. Leading to her limited appearance in the film, something you, unfortunately, feel the need to be thankful for.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing)

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The main reason this is being labeled positive is solely because it truly felt like an end of an era. Unlike the rest of the mashup movies, with either one or most of the MCU, this truly felt like the end of a phase. Characters are likely to never be seen again, and you have no choice but to accept that. An idea which is frustrating to the point of tears yet, like with the soul stone, you recognize that in order for the MCU to continue, some characters have to pass the torch either by hand or due to death. Otherwise, the mildly irritating issues of the MCU now will eventually become unfixable due to the same snark, the same dry wit of people we’ve grown far too accustomed to still being focal points.

Which isn’t to say some, like Captain Marvel, seem geared to pick up where they left off, but others like Peter Parker do seem ready to give you a reason to remain committed, even as new characters you never heard of are introduced.

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