2 Hearts movie poster featuring Jorge (Adan Canto) and Leslie (Radha Mitchell), as well as Sam (Tiera Skovbye) and Chris (Jacob Elordi)

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“2 Hearts,” at times, may feel like a TV movie that somehow made it to the big screen, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get you in your feelings.

Director(s) Lance Hool
Screenplay By Veronica Hool, Robin U Russin
Date Released (Theatrical) 10/15/2020
Genre(s) Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Duration 1 Hour, 40 Minutes
Rating PG-13
Noted Cast
Chris Jacob Elordi
Jorge Adan Canto
Sam Tiera Skovbye
Leslie Radha Mitchell

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Summary

“2 Hearts” follows two dueling storylines. The first, and most fleshed-out, is Jorge’s story, which begins when he was a teenager, during the Cuban revolution to sometime around 2007. This is paired with Chris’ storyline, which primarily focuses on his senior year of high school and freshman year of college. Together, we watch as these two men fall in love, Jorge with a Pan Am flight attendant named Leslie, and Chris with a senior named Sam. Also, we see them deal with complicated relationships with their father and face adversity through their failing health. This leads to them both needing to go to the hospital, which is when their stories collide.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Life is happening for us, not to us.
— Chris, Quoting His Mom

Character Guide

Chris (Jacob Elordi)

An average student with a big heart, Chris has spent the majority of his life as the youngest of three, doing track, being charming, and staying active. However, his life doesn’t reach its peak until meeting Sam during his freshman year of college.

Jorge (Adan Canto)

Jorge (Adan Canto) and Leslie (Radha Mitchell) on their wedding day.
Jorge (Adan Canto) and Leslie (Radha Mitchell)

The heir to a rum empire, Jorge has had health issues since he was young, and multiple doctors have said he wouldn’t make it to milestones like his teen years, eighteen, and so many more. These death sentences have made Jorge always go for what he wants, and winning Leslie’s heart is his biggest accomplishment.

Sam (Tiera Skovbye)

Sam is a senior when we meet her with an internship at a non-profit lined up for when she graduates. But, upon introduction, she is just a girl who wasn’t really looking for Chris due to an entanglement she was dealing with. But with him joining and investing in her safety patrol, they grow close, and he wins her over and has her forget about whoever she was talking to.

Leslie (Radha Mitchell)

Leslie was a girl from a small town who saw being a Pan Am flight attendant as a means to see the world. However, while on this trek, she ends up coming across Jorge who, under the guise he always has his heart skip during takeoff, he wins her over through persistence. To some, the kind that could come off as a red flag, but with Leslie flattered, she finds herself falling in love and wanting a huge family with Jorge.



You’ll Get Emotional

If you’re sappy, the chance of you getting teary-eyed as you get invested in Chris and Jorge is high. Primarily due to both being fairly good people and just having charm ooze out of them. For if it isn’t Elordi, an Australian, nailing this middle class, All-American boy vibe, it’s Jorge’s vulnerability and pursuit of Leslie like, if he doesn’t put in all of his effort and time, she could slip away like a dream.

And it is really thanks to the women in their life that you get put over the edge. Mind you, neither gets to be much beyond a love interest, especially once the relationship is official, but it is through their love that, and wanting to see the couple, as a whole, happy, that get you swooning.

On The Fence

The Split Story Format

While it ultimately works, there might be times throughout “2 Hearts” you’d prefer if you got one character’s entire story rather than feeling like you got the highlights and then them on their death bed. The reason being, it leads to a lot of expendable characters. For example, Chris has two brothers who we barely get to know, and while his complicated relationship with his dad is understood and will get you in your feelings, his brothers’ reactions are meek due to barely getting to grasp their names.

Sam (Tiera Skovbye) and Chris (Jacob Elordi) on their first date.
Sam (Tiera Skovbye) and Chris (Jacob Elordi)

As for Jorge? After a certain point, his father fades off, and you come to realize that Leslie is the only person in his story that is consistent. Yet, like with Chris, while the female leads of both stories are seen throughout most of the movie, like Jorge’s dad, they sort of fade off. However, rather than just no longer showing up, it is by them shrinking as people.

Take Leslie as an example. Once married, her Pan Am career ends, and all we see is her either frolicking with Jorge, playing his nurse, and that’s it. And though you could submit, unlike Sam, at least we meet Leslie’s family, it isn’t like we learn anything about any of her blood relations. They are just actors to fill the scene with a handful getting two or three lines.

Though, between the two, at least Leslie had some sort of life outside of Jorge. Sam, once committed to Chris, she becomes a love interest that exists solely for him. There are no real details, outside of volunteering for a non-profit, which we never see her at, to make her seem whole. Heck, even though she mentions family, not a single one is introduced. She is consumed by all things Chris, and while it is understood this is about Chris and Jorge, it’s unfortunate their girlfriend/wife is written almost in an obligatory way.


Rating: Mixed (Divisive)

Despite lackluster development for supporting characters, including the female leads, “2 Hearts” at least delivers in its ability to make you cry. So if your sappy, like films that get you emotional, yet aren’t necessarily Oscar level dramas, check out “2 Hearts.”

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2 Hearts Ending Explained (Spoilers)

How Does 2 Hearts End?

Chris dies. Despite being given this impression that, after what could have been an aneurysm, he wakes up, eventually marries Sam, has a son, and becomes a firefighter, that was all a ruse. He ends up brain dead and the reason Jorge gets to live. For with Jorge, a rich man with a rum empire, needing lungs since he was Chris’ age, at his time of death, 19, it’s long-established he could use a transplant.

Which, after he receives it, goes well, and Jorge goes from needing an oxygen tank and looking like lacking oxygen aged him like he was a smoker, to having a spring in his step. One that he thanks Chris’ family for and even, under the name Gabriel, the name he gave Chris, before knowing it, starts a foundation under.

Does 2 Hearts Have Sequel Potential?

Considering Chris is dead now, no. Not unless they decide to show us the stories of the people who got his heart and other body parts. Though, without Chris alive, that’s doubtful to happen.

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