Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would (2022) – Review/ Summary (with Spoilers)

Title Card for Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would

Masterful storyteller Trevor Noah brings the quality expected with notable accents, trying to bring a different perspective to pop culture and your usual COVID jokes.

Masterful storyteller Trevor Noah brings the quality expected with notable accents, trying to bring a different perspective to pop culture and your usual COVID jokes.

Director(s) David Paul Meyer
Screenplay By Trevor Noah
Based On N/A
Date Released (Netflix) 11/22/2022
Genre(s) Comedy, Stand Up Comedy
Duration 1 Hour
Content Rating Rated TV-14
Noted Cast
Himself Trevor Noah

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Like many comedians, Trevor Noah enjoys observing people and commenting on culture. For “I Wish You Would,” he builds a lot of the comedy around the meaning of the German term “Schadenfreude.” It’s defined as the pleasure of joy from learning or witnessing someone’s troubles or humiliations, and between jokes about people needing to be careful about what they wish for, since that leads to COVID situations, to joking about the voices of American presidents, there is something for everyone. He even allows some self-deprecation comedy in the form of telling stories about his love for Indian food and how he, one time in Scotland, took things a little too far.

Things To Note

Why Is “Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would” Rated TV-14

  • Dialog: Cursing, use of the N-word once
  • Violence: N/A
  • Sexual Content: I don’t think Trevor really brings up sex in a single joke or story
  • Miscellaneous: Nothing notably out of place if you are familiar with Trevor Noah

Collected Quote(s)

love may be unconditional, but “like” has a time limit.
— Trevor Noah

Character Descriptions

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Trevor Noah

Comedian, host, and perhaps one of the biggest stars to cross over from South Africa to the American market, aside from Charlize Theron, Trevor Noah is one of the biggest comedians worldwide.

  • You May Also Know The Actor From Being: Himself in “The Daily Show”


Our Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)


All You Expect From A Trevor Noah Comedy Special

From the accents to storytelling and observational comedy, which doesn’t punch down but has an almost child-like curiosity, Trevor Noah delivers all you’d expect from him. Be it a story of going to an Indian restaurant where he got overzealous, to how he fell in love with Indian food. There are also conversations around learning German to impress his father and learning a bit about his dad’s culture. Trevor being someone who has had to live and traverse multiple continents isn’t simply for work, but what invigorates his life and helps his comedy stand out in ways many of his peers are unable to do.

On The Fence

Something Feels Dry About This Special

Trevor Noah is someone who operates in an odd place. As comedians seek to be more polarizing for the sake of views, Trevor Noah doesn’t really flirt with controversy or express unpopular opinions under the guise that he is speaking for people. Trevor Noah is more like a jester, making fun of high society. If not, not to take Hasan Minhaj’s title, he is like a refined class clown. Someone who is mostly tame and inoffensive compared to his peers.

I mean, even in him making fun of Donald Trump, it isn’t his politics he goes after. Rather, it’s the way he talks, and he makes it clear most American presidents, from Bush Jr. to Obama, even JFK, have this weird way of speaking, which seemingly was part of their electability. Which is funny, don’t get us wrong, but I think in becoming so used to laughing at things you may need to feel guilty about or double down and say it is funny, despite how some may feel, having someone like Noah present what could be seen as clean comedy, much less on Netflix? It feels off. It makes things seem dry, yet you learn to appreciate it in time.

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  1. You know its not funny when he starts explaining the jokes.
    Not as funny as when he started up, trying way to hard.
    Not for me.

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