Title Card - Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 1 Sundown [Series Premiere]

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General Information

Network(s) HBO
Creator(s) Misha Green
First Aired 8/16/2020

Groups & Organizations

  • Order of the Ancient Dawn aka Sons of Adam (1.2): Titus’ cult which seeks eternal life.
    • White Supremacist? (1.2): It is asked by Atticus, borderline confirmed by Christina, that bigotry is very much part of the Order’s belief system. However, it is made clear they don’t any association with the Klan since the KKK are poor.
    • How Many Lodges (1.4): It was noted there are 35 lodges of the Sons of Adam
    • Established (1.4): 1813 is when the Sons of Adam was established.

Notable Events

  • The Great Autumnal Equinox Fire of 1833 (1.2): The fire that killed Titus and many members of his cult – but was survived by one of Titus’ slaves.

Notable Locations & Items

  • Southside Chicago (1.1): Where Atticus, Letitia, and many of the main characters are from.
  • Ardham, Massachusetts (1.1): A place where Montrose says Atticus’ birthright, from Atticus’ mother’s side, is.
    • Devon County (1.1): The county Ardham is in, which has a racist sheriff.
    • Founder (1.2): The founder of Ardham is a man named Titus who made his fortune in shipping (slaves if you ask Letitia).
  • Denmark Vessey’s Bar (1.1): The place Montrose frequents for a drink
  • Woody (1.1): The name of George’s car
  • Book of Names (1.2): The spellbook that the Order of the Ancient Dawn use.
  • Winthrop House (1.3): The house Letitia buys that belonged to Horatio Winthrop, who was a member of the offshoot of the Sons of Adam and stole pages from the Book of Names.

Terms To Know

  • ():

Jonathan Majors Plays Atticus Freeman

Atticus (Jonathan Majors) talking to a cop.
Atticus (Jonathan Majors)

A veteran of the Korean war, with a complicated relationship with his father, Montrose, and by complicated, we mean Montrose was abusive to Atticus growing up. Hence, alongside his mother’s death, why Atticus joined the military. After all, even with a certain love for his aunt, uncle, and little cousin, there wasn’t anyone holding him back in the United States.

Additional Information About Atticus

  • Introduced In Episode 1: Sundown
  • Favorite Books (1.1): Atticus notes to a woman on his way home that his favorite books are pulp stories featuring all kinds of adventures.
  • Nickname: (1.1): Likely due to how small he was as a kid, Atticus’ nickname is Tic
  • Grandfather Titus (1.2): Titus is Atticus 4x great grandfather.
  • Freemen For Real (1.4): The Freeman family were never slaves.


I’ve done… horrible things, things I’ve tried to forget. And when I’m with you, that seems possible. It’s like… ’cause you see the good in me, I know it’s there.
— Atticus (Lovecraft Country 1.6)

Courtney B. Vance Plays George Freeman

Uncle George (Courtney B. Vance) sitting back, looking mildly surprised.
Uncle George (Courtney B. Vance)

Atticus’ uncle, and Montrose’s older brother, who is married to Hippolyta and has a daughter named Dee. His occupation is working at a publisher that releases a green book that helps Black folk of the time know where it is and isn’t safe to travel. However, after a beating during one of his trips, his knees aren’t what they used to be, and this pushes his wife, who often helps him write his articles, to want to participate in a more active way than just making George’s notes into something cohesive.

Additional Information About George


Jada Harris Plays Dee

Dee (Jada Harris) drawing in the living room.
Dee (Jada Harris)

George and Hippolyta’s daughter, who is an artist. One who often draws comics for her father as he travels across the country, and also seems to be an artist for her father’s green book as well.

Additional Information About Dee


Aunjanue Ellis Plays Hippolyta

Hippolyta leaning against her car.
Hippolyta (Aunjanue Ellis)

Dee’s mother and George’s wife, who, for the most part, is a homemaker. However, she does have a taste for adventure. This likely stems from her long being the person who handled her husband’s notes after he returned for trips and possibly writing the articles.

Additional Information About Hippolyta


I feel like they just found a smart way to lynch me without me noticing the noose.
— Hippolyta (1.7)

Jurnee Smollett Plays Letitia

Letitia (Jurnee Smollett) leaning against a wall.
Letitia (Jurnee Smollett)

Letitia can usually be found with a camera in one hand, and the other extended either as a greeting or because she is asking for something. From what it appears, she is the youngest of three and doesn’t necessarily have the best relationship with either of her siblings, especially with her missing their mother’s funeral.

But, with a sense of adventure, a passion for activism, some singing talent, and being a high school track star, she becomes a good partner for Atticus’ journey to find his father.

Additional Information About Letitia

  • Introduced In Episode 1: Sundown
  • A Duet (1.1): According to her sister Ruby, she and Letitia haven’t sung together since their church days, which Letitia implies was long ago.
  • Friends Since High School & Beyond (1.1): Was the only girl in the Southside Futurist Science Fiction Club, that Atticus was part of.
  • Nickname (1.1): Leti is her nickname


Wunmi Mosaku Plays Ruby Baptiste

Ruby (Wunmi Mosaku) in a department store.
Ruby (Wunmi Mosaku)

A local singer with some notoriety, but not the kind of fame or money to have her own home. Which disappoints her sister Letitia who, when she breezes in, was hoping for better accommodations than what was offered.

Additional Information About Ruby

  • Introduced In Episode 1: Sundown
  • Heart On Her Sleeve (1.5): Leti notes that one quality Ruby shares with their mother is that she easily falls in love.
  • Mother’s Name (1.8): Is Marnie


Demetrius Grosse Plays Marvin

Marvin (Demetrius Grosse) asking about Ardham.

Marvin is Letitia’s older brother who, the way it sounds, while their mother raised the girls on the south side of Chicago, their father raised him elsewhere. Thus, he and his sisters are a bit disconnected, but Marvin and Letitia especially. Why? Well, seemingly like with Ruby, it is because seeing or hearing from Letitia is usually related to her needing money or a place to stay. Making her inability, or lack of desire, to show up when the family needs her, like their mother’s funeral, frustrating.

Additional Information About Marvin


Montrose (Michael Kenneth Williams)

Montrose (Michael Kenneth Williams) talking to Hippolyta.
Montrose (Michael Kenneth Williams)

Atticus’ estranged father, and also George’s younger brother, who is known for his drinking habits, outbursts, and being a widow. One who, as a child, was far nicer, but then that got beaten out of him.

Additional Information About Montrose

  • Introduced In Season 1/ Episode 2
  • Childhood Memories (1.2): Enjoyed drawing as a child, until his daddy took the joy out of it.
    • It is also noted that Montrose experienced a great amount of abuse which has led George to feeling guilty for not protecting him more.
  • Not On Speaking Terms (1.2): Hasn’t spoken to Atticus in nearly 5 years.
  • Earliest Acknowledgement Of Queer Feelings (1.8): It is noted by Montrose, while speaking to Atticus, the earliest he had desires was when he was 8. However, after a priest was accused of being with another man, and put in an asylum, he suppressed those feelings until meeting Thomas (noted in episode 9).

Quotes & Gifs

William (Jordan Patrick Smith)

William (Jordan Patrick Smith) welcoming Atticus and his companions.
William (Jordan Patrick Smith)

A friend of Christina who greets Atticus and his party and attends to them during their stay – but is not a butler.

Additional Information About William

Quotes & Gifs

Samuel Braithwhite (Tony Goldwyn)

Samuel (Tony Goldwyn) looking annoyed.
Samuel (Tony Goldwyn)

The leader of the Order of Ancient Dawn that is trying to open a doorway to the Garden of Eden for eternal life.

Additional Information About Samuel

Quotes & Gifs

Christina Braithwhite (Abbey Lee)

Christina (Abbey Lee) sitting in a chair, watching Atticus.
Christina (Abbey Lee)

With being born a woman, Christina found herself on the outside of what her father and his peers have long planned, yet knowledgeable just the same. Making her olive branch towards Atticus a question of whether her friendship is a ruse or a slight against her father.

Additional Information About Christina

Quotes & Gifs

Dora (Erica Tazel)

Dora (Erica Tazel) appearing before Uncle George.
Dora (Erica Tazel)

Atticus’ mother, Montrose’s wife, who is deceased.

Additional Information About Dora

Quotes & Gifs

Hannah (Joaquina Kalukango)

Hannah (Joaquina Kalukango) in a doorway, surrounded by fire.
Hannah (Joaquina Kalukango)

Dora’s ancestor who escaped her owner, Titus, and his cult, after being raped and impregnated during the great Autumnal Equinox fire of 1833.

Additional Information About Hannah

Quotes & Gifs

Ji-ah (Jamie Chung)

Jia-ah (Jamie Chung) as a nurse.
Jia-ah (Jamie Chung)

A woman who keeps appearing to Atticus who seems to be someone he left behind when he fought in Korea.

Additional Information About Ji-ah

  • Introduced In  Season 1/ Episode 2
  • Is a kumiho spirit that Soon-Hee summoned to avenge her daughter’s rape but has since kept Soon-Hee’s daughter’s body. However, it is believed, after she consumes over 100 souls, primarily through sex, the kumiho spirit (9 tailed fox) will release Jiah (source: 1.6)
  • Loved Judy Garland and her movies (1.6)
  • Met Atticus in 1950 when he was in Daegu, South Korea, where Ji-ah is from (1.6)
  • She was Atticus’ first (1.6)

Quotes & Gifs

Sammy (Jon Hudson Odom)

Sammy (Jon Hudson Odom) in drag.
Sammy (Jon Hudson Odom)

The owner of a fairly popular bar on the southside, alongside a gay man.

Additional Information About Sammy

Quotes & Gifs

Yahima Maraokoti (Monique Candelaria)

Yahima (Monique Candelaria) after being discovered in Titus' vault.
Yahima (Monique Candelaria)

A two-spirit Arawak who Titus found some time between 1810 and 1813, possibly near Guyana, who he used to translate the symbols within the book of names. Which, for Yahima, were similar to that in a cave near Alomun Kundi, which she was taught.

Additional Information About Yahima

Quotes & Gifs

Hillary Davenport/ Dell (Jamie Neumann)

Hillary (Jamie Neumann) who is Ruby's white alter ego.
Hillary (Jamie Neumann)

Ruby’s alter-ego when she becomes a white woman that is from a small town in Maine.

Additional Information About Hillary

Quotes & Gifs

Captain Seamus Lancaster (Mac Brandt)

The leader of the Chicago lodge of the Sons of Adam.

Additional Information About Captain Lancaster

Quotes & Gifs

Tamara (Sibongile Mlambo)

Tamara (Sibongile Mlambo) being chastised by Hillary
Tamara (Sibongile Mlambo)

One of the first to integrate the Marshal Fields department store and not because she was the most qualified, but simply on a whim.

Additional Information About Tamara

Quotes & Gifs

Paul Hughes (David Tanbra)

Paul (David Tanbra) being seduced.
Paul (David Tanbra)

The manager of the Marshal Fields department store.

Additional Information About Paul

Quotes & Gifs

Young-Ja Unni (Prisca Kim)

Young-Ja Unni (Prisca Kim) looking worried.
Young-Ja Unni (Prisca Kim)

Ji-ah’s friend who trained to be a nurse, alongside her, and was a local communist.

Additional Information About Young-Ja

Quotes & Gifs

Soon-Hee Meeh (Cindy Chang)

Soon-Hee Meeh (Cindy Chang) talking to Ji-ah
Soon-Hee Meeh (Cindy Chang)

Ji-ah’s mother who was a single parent before her former husband married her and since his death, she has been a social pariah.

Additional Information About Soon-Hee

Quotes & Gifs

Mudang (Alexis Rhee)

Mudang (Alexis Rhee) talking to Ji-ah and Soon-Hee.
Mudang (Alexis Rhee)

A local shaman that helped Soon-Hee summon the spirit that possesses Ji-ah.

Additional Information About Mudang

Quotes & Gifs

Josephine Baker (Carra Patterson)

Josephine Baker (Carra Patterson) talking to Hippolyta
Josephine Baker (Carra Patterson)

After getting sucked into a portal, Hippolyta encounters Josephine Baker as she travels through time and the two become close friends.

Additional Information About Josephine Baker

Quotes & Gifs

Nawi (Sufe Bradshaw)

Nawi (Sufe Bradshaw) bowing to Hippolyta
Nawi (Sufe Bradshaw)

A general during Hippolyta’s time-traveling that teaches her how to fight and stand up for herself.

Additional Information About Nawi

Quotes & Gifs

Seraphina AKA Beyond C’est (Karen LeBlanc)

Seraphina aka Beyond C'Est (Karen LeBlanc) using her powers.
Seraphina aka Beyond C’Est (Karen LeBlanc)

Seraphina aka Beyond C’Est is essentially God of the universe.

Additional Information About Seraphina aka Beyond C’Est

Quotes & Gifs

Topsy & Bopsy (Kaelynn Gobert-Harris & Bianca Brewton)

Topsy (Kaelynn Gobert-Harris) and Bopsy (Bianca Brewton) scaring Diana.
Topsy (Kaelynn Gobert-Harris) and Bopsy (Bianca Brewton)

Two nightmarish figures that Diane has to deal with after Captain Lancaster curses her.

Additional Information About Topsy and Bopsy

Quotes & Gifs

Verton Freeman (Will Catlett)

Verton Freeman (Will Catlett) being stopped from whooping Montrose's ass.
Verton Freeman (Will Catlett)

George and Montrose’s father who was abusive, and is the reason Montrose is the way he is.

Additional Information About Verton

Quotes & Gifs

Thomas (Khamary Rose)

Thomas (Khamary Rose) being rejected by Montrose.
Thomas (Khamary Rose)

Montrose’s first love back when he was a teenager.

Additional Information About Thomas

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