Lovecraft Country: Season 1/ Episode 8 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

After Hippolyta’s triumphant episode, her daughter Dee becomes the focus as the death of Emmett Till haunts Chicago.

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Diana walking down the street.

After Hippolyta’s triumphant episode, her daughter Dee becomes the focus as the death of Emmett Till haunts Chicago.

Director(s) Misha Green
Writer(s) Misha Green, Ihuoma Ofordire
Aired (HBO) 10/4/2020
Introduced This Episode
Topsy Kaelynn Gobert-Harris
Bopsy Bianca Brewton

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

“Jig-a-Bobo” Recap

The Day Her Innocence Was Stolen – Diana, Montrose, Leti, Ruby, Captain Lancaster

August 28th, 1955 was the day Emmett Till was brutally murdered. His nickname was Bobo, hence the episode title, and a large part of the episode is the effect the murder had on everyone. Diana, in particular, is focused on since there is a bit of a back and forth over her innocence. Should she, as Montrose believes, be exposed or as Leti, and perhaps Ruby, believe, would it be best to shield her from the horrors of being Black in America?

As the adults toil with that, Diana walks away for between the energy in the air, Bobo’s corpse rotting, and the question of where is the yet to return Hippolyta? Let’s just say Diana is overwhelmed. Which makes running into Captain Lancaster terrible for her asserts his authority in hopes of getting ahead of Christina. Thus leading to him putting a curse on her that conjures Topsy and Bopsy, two Black demons who haunt Diana throughout the episode and aren’t expelled like the demons we saw Leti face.

Topsy (Kaelynn Gobert-Harris) and Bopsy (Bianca Brewton) scaring Diana.
Topsy (Kaelynn Gobert-Harris) and Bopsy (Bianca Brewton)

A Blast From The Past – Ji-ah, Leti, Atticus, Montrose

Remember Ji-ah? The woman who Atticus decides to downplay his relationship with into a simple tryst? Well, she comes to Chicago to reiterate her warning and meets Leti in the process. As you can imagine, with her pregnant, Atticus having all these secrets, and still feeling barely let into what is going on with him, this frustrates the hell out of her.

Yet, so remains the issue of Atticus, despite how we saw him act with Ji-ah in the past, seemingly not doing that with Leti. Mind you, does he fight and argue with her so that they can come to a resolution of some kind? Yes. However, there remains this vibe he is always one foot out of the door and not because of Ji-ah, who disappears like a ghost, but maybe something else?

Either way, after the blow-up with Leti, Atticus finds himself talking to Montrose, who reveals more about his sexuality and journey to being with Sammy. Specifically, he was around 8 when it started to click, and it was the embarrassment of a preacher who was committed based on a rumor, which led to Montrose going into the closet. Now, as for Dora, what she knew and their relationship? She was aware, but they both had needs and desires, like Dora wanting a family, that helped them move past that.

Now, is that to say Montrose is bi? It’s hard to define how he feels. What is known though, is he never cheated on Dora, despite his urges.

It’s Always Hard To Tell Who Is Friend Or Foe – Ruby, Christina, Atticus, Leti

Christina talking to Ruby.

Christina remains a wildcard in “Lovecraft Country” as it remains hard to pin down if her pleasantries with Ruby, Atticus, even Leti, are a ends to a means, or she is genuinely looking for allies? For when it comes to Atticus, who wants to learn magic, she seems hesitant to help her dear cousin, even with him giving the key from the orrery. Yet, she does teach him a protection spell, so maybe they can finally warm up to each other. Even if Christina is looking to become immortal.

But the most interesting relationship Christina has is with Ruby. One complicated by the ruse she is William and how Ruby seems to want and perhaps love William, yet recognize that person is Christina. What also complicates things is their continued sex and Ruby wanting something emotional from the usually stern Christina. Such as empathy for Emmett Till, which Christina isn’t able to give. Yet, to test if her immortality spell worked, we’re subject to seeing her pay someone to murder her the way Till was.

Needless to say, that’s a gruesome scene, but considering Ruby confirms to Leti that she knows about magic and believes Christina is going to teach her, this could be of use. After all, Christina has dialed down her search for allies since things seem secure with Ruby. So with Leti, and eventually Atticus, knowing Ruby is so close to Christina, she could be an in! That is assuming Ruby, to protect her relationship and the power that comes with it, is willing to risk what might be one of the best partnerships she has ever had.

Yet, just to prove Christina might not be as bad as she sometimes seems, beyond Ruby, it appears she has taught Atticus enough to protect Leti’s house from Captain Lancaster and maybe even enough for him to summon the monsters we saw in Ardham. One that massacres the cops who were letting loose a slew of bullets into Leti’s home – all of which bounced off her. Leaving Atticus with a monster who is like a faithful dog just wanting to be petted.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Choosing what was best for yourself in that moment was a different kind of bravery. You can’t feel guilty for protecting yourself first.
— Ruby


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Hope For The Future

During Atticus’ conversation with his father, he reveals he saw a glimpse of the future and returns with a book, “Lovecraft Country,” written by his son, George Freeman. With this, there is some hope given to fans for Ji-ah’s prediction, and clearly, the Freeman clan playing multi-generational catch-up, there is the need to question if there could be a lead character death twist.

Mind you, we think it is unlikely, but anything could happen. HBO has long been looking for a “Game of Thrones” replacement, and one of the things that made Thrones such a big show was the constant question of who could die. But, considering “Lovecraft Country” has a much smaller cast, I don’t think they have a character to spare.


I truly do remain enamored by Christina, at least in the form of being unable to understand the motives of her personal relationships. Perhaps the key one in her life, with Ruby, especially. For it is hard to say, considering Ruby’s romantic track record, if she is being used and doesn’t know it, or if there is a genuine feeling there?

That feeling expands to the rest as Christina often operates as an enigma. One who often appears callous yet with her deciding to die as Emmett Till did, so comes the question if she did so to understand what Ruby was saying to her? That, maybe, Christina wanted a deeper connection, hence her, to test her immortality, recreating Emmett Till’s death? Otherwise, if that wasn’t the reason, she might be more twisted than given credit for.

The Return of The Monsters

While we consistently see some monstrous beings, even if unnerving demons like Topsy and Bopsy, we didn’t get to see the monsters from early on for quite some time. It isn’t explained why yet nothing about them honestly makes sense. Well, beyond they replicate seemingly from their kills. So, with Atticus and Christina on more friendly ground, here is hoping for some explanations.

Montrose Breaking Down His Lifestory

Montrose and Atticus sitting on a curb and talking.

Men like Montrose are rare in popular media on networks like HBO. Yes, there is a need and clear visibility of Black queer men in the form of reality TV, “Pose,” and a select few others, but as much as Black people are seen, diversity remains lacking. Hence why Ruby’s episode was so important for women who look like her rarely get the spotlight outside of comedy. If not, are the subject to being downtrodden with very few silver linings in their life?

But getting back to Montrose, I feel that it is important to recognize his journey and that of the layers when it comes to his existence. He is a queer Black man. One that is in a relationship and naturally fears on multiple levels what can be done to him due to things beyond his control. For one of the things I don’t think is explored enough, and this goes into the diversity issue, are the layers each Black, or any person of color really, has to juggle.

Usually, that conversation only happens under duress when a person is at a breaking point, but having a regular old conversation like Montrose did with Atticus is a step in the right direction of showcasing the varied looks and lives of Black Americans.

On The Fence


Did Diana get to showcase herself at the same level as Hippolyta or even Ruby? No. While we got a necessary conversation about the protection of Black children from the horrors of racism, and the differing opinions on such, I wouldn’t say Diana got a chance to shine beyond more screentime than we usually see.

Which, for us, is a mixed bag since, on the one hand, do we need to see another Black girl traumatized by death? No. However, this isn’t the news but a fictional story, and one thing sorely lacking is stories about Black girls coming of age, in any era or circumstance. So Diana’s story boiling down to bearing witness to a friend’s death, Captain Lancaster cursing her, and her beating those two demons just felt a little lackluster. At least compared to what was done with other characters.

Ji-Ah Showing Up For What?

Don’t get us wrong, it was nice to see Jamie Chung. The only question is, why? So Leti can get an idea of how much Atticus hides from her? Maybe to show Atticus be an ass and basically denounce Ji-ah? What was the goal when it comes to her showing up?

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