Continuing to expand and provide Black talent with opportunities, AllBlk is now venturing into legal dramas with a few familiar faces and names.

Creator(s) Katrina Y. Nelson, Michelle Ebony Hardy, Adam Starks, and Tracy Grant
Director(s) Jamal Hill
Writer(s) To Be Determined
Release Date (AllBlk) Fall 2021
Episode Count 6
Noted Cast Members
Lacey McCullough Maryam Basir
Othello Charles Skyh Black
Britney Deveaux Tanyell Waivers
Aaron Tuft Antoine Harris
Nora Tuft Terrell Carter


Lacey McCullough is a successful and highly connected attorney whose influence sometimes leads her down a very dark path. With the help of her trusted associates, Othello Charles and Britney Deveaux – and the ever-efficient twins, Aaron and Nora Tuft– she’s currently involved in one of her most mysterious and perilous cases to date.

First Impressions

What we’re most excited about is that Lace sounds like the kind of lawyer who embraces the dark side. For as nice as it is to often see Black folks, women especially, be the heroine protecting the vulnerable, who doesn’t want to play a villain? If not an anti-hero because, based on the Deadline article linked below, it seems Lacey is perfectly fine with using her powers for evil, as much as good.

Though, if we’re completely honest, it’s seeing that Tanyell Waivers, who formerly played Keke on Queen Sugar, is on this, which has us waiting to see the first trailer of this show. But just to add some additional spice to it, Shanti Lowry of Bronx SIU is also in this, so you know it is about to go DOWN!

[1] From Deadline:

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