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Interview with Actress, Dancer, Multi-Hyphenate: Shanti Lowry (Bronx SIU, The Game, Family Time and more)

by Amari
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An interview with Shanti Lowry, Emmy nominated actress, talking about her journey to UMC’s Bronx SIU and future plans.

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A few weeks ago we got the opportunity to speak to Boulder, Colorado native Shanti Lowry. The actress, who has worked for the legendary music group Earth, Wind, and Fire, and has acted in shows like The Game, Family Time, and the UMC show Bronx SIU, which she produces and stars in, is an inspiration. With growing up without a huge amount of resources, besides a wealth of imagination, she found expressing herself to be the way to not just make a living, but find so much more.

Through teaching herself dance and acting techniques, she showed her initiative and appreciation for the work it takes to make it in the industry. Then, with discovering community classes, she began her formal training that ended up giving her the opportunity not many have right after finishing high school: College or a dream job? One that, with Earth, Wind, and Fire, led to her traveling the world and eventually allowing her to leave her hometown and head to Los Angeles.

It was there when her story jump starts and allowed for her to bloom both as a dancer, that you can see in movies like Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle to being a guest star, co-star, and eventually being Emmy nominated as the lead of hit show. In our conversation, we go over all this and more as Lowry proves that success is a combination of preparation, initiative, and betting on yourself. As well as building a community, no matter where you are, which not only supports you but believes in having its members support each other.

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