Jared (Chuku Modu) talking to Morgan
"Jared (Chuku Modu) talking to Morgan," The Good Doctor, "Second Chances and Past Regrets," directed by Mina Shum, 2023, (ABC)

While Jared doesn’t make enemies in his return to the hospital, he rubs a few people wrong. But not as bad as Jerome does Asher.

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While Jared doesn’t make enemies in his return to the hospital, he rubs a few people wrong. But not as bad as Jerome does Asher.

Aired (ABC) March 20, 2023
Director(s) Mina Shum
Writer(s) Tracy Taylor, Jeff Qiu
Previously Noted Characters
Jared Chuku Modu
Shaun Freddie Highmore
Jordan Bria Henderson
Jerome Giacomo Baessato
Asher Noah Galvin
Dr. Glassman Richard Schiff
Dr. Andrews Hill Harper


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Hey, Hot Shot – Jared, Shaun, Jordan

Jordan (Bria Henderson) getting one over on Jared
“Jordan (Bria Henderson) getting one over on Jared,” The Good Doctor, “Second Chances and Past Regrets,” directed by Mina Shum, 2023, (ABC)

Despite Jared’s exit, he is not playing down his return. He comes in loud, with a car that is probably far more than his salary, blasting Kendrick Lamar. Jordan takes note, and while Shaun finds himself worrying about how to balance friendship and a supervisory role, Jordan is the one checking Jared throughout the day. Be it about him not following procedures, recognizing seniority, or not taking shortcuts.

A Lie of Omission – Jerome, Asher

Jerome and Asher have been dating for months, if not more than a year. Because of that, Jerome finally feels comfortable enough to reveal he is HIV+. Asher takes offense to not knowing Jerome is HIV+, and while Jerome is undetectable, Asher is on PrEP, they have always used protection, and both are medical professionals, Asher doesn’t take well to this information. He feels like his ability to choose has been stolen, and this creates a point of contention for a bit.

Asher (Noah Galvin) and Jerome (Giacomo Baessato) after a passive aggressive fight
“Asher (Noah Galvin) and Jerome (Giacomo Baessato) after a passive-aggressive fight,” The Good Doctor, “Second Chances and Past Regrets,” directed by Mina Shum, 2023, (ABC)

However, everyone around them pushes for them to reconcile, especially those divorced, so as the disappointment subsides, they reconcile by revealing small things that were lies, or omissions, to get as much as they can on the table.

Setting Boundaries & Expectations – Shaun, Jared, Dr. Glassman, Dr. Andrews

Dr. Andrews complicates an already difficult situation for Shaun. Yes, Shaun was one of Jared’s advocates, but with Dr. Andrews switching up from being cordial, maybe happy Jared is back, to almost seeming like he’ll make Shaun collateral damage to get rid of Jared once and for all? Shaun feels the pressure, and Jared acting like he is Shaun’s peer and not someone who works under him doesn’t help.

It forces Shaun to be critical, make a list of rules and boundaries, and as always, Dr. Glassman has to step in to remind Shaun when he is being hypocritical and perhaps going too far. For as much as Jared is overstepping with a patient and getting on Shaun’s nerves, lest he forget, Shaun got on everyone’s nerves as well. Shaun overstepped, and, like Jared, Shaun got an opportunity because someone advocated and vouched for him.

So with that in mind, Shaun takes note that while he has a list of boundaries for Jared, he needs to have some of his own for their working relationship, including calling Jared Dr. Kalu when speaking to him in an official capacity.

Things To Note

What Could Happen Next

  1. Jordan torn between Jared and Daniel

Collected Quote(s)

What people know and how it makes them feel are often two very different things.
— Dr. Lim



The Complications of Being HIV+

Jerome (Giacomo Baessato) talking to Dr. Lim
“Jerome (Giacomo Baessato) talking to Dr. Lim,” The Good Doctor, “Second Chances and Past Regrets,” directed by Mina Shum, 2023, (ABC)

While for many, representation means having entire shows focused on one specific group of people, it can also mean just making it clear, within an ensemble like “The Good Doctor,” that everyone isn’t the same. Be it because they are Black, gay, got meat on their bones, or what have you. But, adding in Jerome being HIV+ was different, especially given the way it was approached.

Take note, I don’t believe they spent a second on how it happened, Jerome’s mindset at the time, or the usual focus on everything surrounding what led to someone becoming infected (assuming that’s the proper terminology). Instead, they focused on life with HIV in terms of dating, terms for those who are undetectable, and the difficulty which comes from disclosing something which is private, yet what people believe is their right to know.

In addition, it allowed you to see a bit from Asher’s side. Yes, he is a medical professional on a medication that dramatically reduces the chance of transmission, but the stigma remains. To me, these types of storylines show you there is a pursuit to not exclusively do hit-and-run storylines.

Shaun Trying To Be A Friend And A Boss

“The Good Doctor” has often explored the complication of being the boss of your friends, or even who you are dating, through the senior doctors like Dr. Andrews, Lim, and Melendez, when he was alive. But they are part of a different generation, and Shaun is part of another. Now, yes, he was raised by a man in a generation before even the aforementioned doctors, but Shaun is also someone who has finally found a place where he fits in and is loved, more than tolerated – which he worked hard for.

So watching him try to balance an established relationship while adding something which could be taxing to it, is going to be interesting. Yes, he did add boundaries, but that doesn’t mean Asher and Jordan may not feel like there could still be favoritism, and Shaun won’t have to adjust. Never mind, considering Dr. Andrews appears to still have a bone to pick with Dr. Kalu, you can expect Shaun to have that hanging over his head.

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Jared (Chuku Modu) talking to Morgan
The Good Doctor: Season 6/ Episode 17 “Second Chances and Past Regrets” – Recap/ Review
With a nice focus on Jerome and Asher and Shaun’s continued growing pains in a position of power, “The Good Doctor” steadily moves forward while reminding us of the past – beyond Shaun’s history.
Shaun Trying To Be A Friend And A Boss
The Complications of Being HIV+

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One Comment

  1. It does appear that Andrews is holding a grudge against Jared..

    Wasn’t it just the 2 episodes back, in his re-entry that: He literally shrugged that hiring-&-firing are entirely out of his domain[ and Lim’s since she’s “the Chief of Surgery”( a post which Andrews preceded), not that Lim appeared anything enthusiastic about Jared’s return( but for that matter, nobody except Shaun and to an extent, Leah and Asher were shown as such, everybody else was likewise apathetic, with the exception that Andrews was being erratically professional and respectful with Jared, even going insofar as to get the emergency surgery-privileges issued, in the greed of that donation money that VVIP patient like Roland could bestow — before the episode’s comical-end must’ve given him with feeling infuriated that all of his charade got him nothing but instead having to tolerate a then-resident who got his residency back by righteously pointing-out how not just Caucasian attendings, but even residents, were let off for conduct as grievously-criminal as sexual-harassment at workplace — nevermind the ‘touch-on-the-cheek’, let alone “slap-on-the-wrist’ of a glorified-inaction upon Claire’s complaint*) — either]..

    …So unless that’s a glaring error by this episode’s credited writers and showrunner[s], *it does not come across as anything other than Andrews being a petty, professionally unfit-for President of the hospital.

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